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5 Popular Gemstones in the world mostly gems buyers prefer

Today I will tell about 5 Popular Gemstones in the world mostly gems buyers prefer. There are many gemstones and minerals for sale online. One can go for is multiple genuine gemstone choices from different areas of the whole world. There have different reasons for buying gemstones Online. Some people tell a story and some belief to have a special power. But all gemstones have their own beauty. Genuine gemstones are distinguished due to their color, birthplace, and story. Some fortuneteller tells people to wear different gemstones to enhance their luck. They make people believe lucky and unlucky.

Gemstones are coming almost in every color of the rainbow from the different corners of the world. Each of them has a unique crystal structure along with colour range. Some gemstones are being used and coming from ancient times but many also are being discovered recently. Here we list the 5 popular genuine gemstones in the world.


In history, diamond has been popular as well as in the present times, it is still the choice of the people. Although it comes among precious stones. It is a very admirable stone in the whole world. Liz Taylor is wearing diamonds in our time.


Green is the color of spring and life. It has represented love and rebirth. Cleopatra, an Egyptian famous female ruler was as famous for wearing Emeralds in her time. Emerald is also popular in present times and this is the most demanding stone at present times also.


This stone is famous for love magic, especially the magic of science. This stone changes color and is called a color-change gem. Outside in daylight, it is a cool bluish mossy green. In the lamplight, it is a red gem. The value of the gemstone increases because of the color change.


The Ruby is famous for love, passion, courage, and emotion. For centuries it has been known as the king of all gemstones. People believe that wearing these stones good fortune will come to them soon. At present Ruby is a very valued gemstone.


In Greek “Sapphire” is for blue. For centuries Sapphire has been preferring the ultimate blue color. Blue Sapphire is known for honesty, Loyalty, Purity, and Trust. For this tradition, Sapphire is one of the popular engagement gemstones today also.

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