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Interesting Facts about Peridots Gemstone | Green Peridot Stone

Learn about Green Peridot Stone

Green Peridot is a beautiful Gemstone. Peridot is a August Birthstone.  It is a trade name of parrot green or yellowish green to vivid green gem variety of olivine (a forsterite-rich solid solution of the forsterite-fayalite isomorphic series).

What is Green Peridot Stone?

The word " Peridot" is derived from the Middle English peridot. Peridot stones are one of the few gems that come in only one color which is "olive-green ". The depth and intensity of the green color depending on the total amount of iron present in the crystal structure. Due to the percentage of trace elements in the gem, the color can vary from yellow to olive, to brownish-green or emerald green in one crystal of peridot or in a single gemstone. Peridots are the main constituent of igneous rocks. Gem content can be guessed by mining from concentrations in basalts and ultrabasic rocks. 

Characteristics of Natural Peridot Gemstone

Name Peridot
Varieties Fayalite, Forsterite, Tephroite
Crystallography  Orthorhombic. Crystals rare, usually striated prisms, corroded grains; often as rolled pebbles, or in nodules called bombs in volcanic areas.
R.i  1.635-1.879
Colors  Forsterite: green, pale lemon yellow. Fayalite: green, yellowish, amber brown, brown, olive green.
Luster  Oily to vitreous
Hardness  6.5 (fayalite) to 7 (forsterite)
Fracture  Conchoidal
Specific Gravity  3.2-4.39
Birefringence   0.033-0.052
Cleavage  Imperfect to weak
Dispersion  0.020
Transparency  Transparent
Absorption Spectrum  Peridot shows a strong iron spectrum having three main bands: 
Phenomena  Chatoyancy and asterism (very rare)
Birthstone  August
Formula Mg2SiO4-Fe2SiO4. Rarely presence of Mn 
Pleochroism  weak, green to yellow-green. Fayalite: greenish-yellow/ orange-yellow/ greenish-yellow.

Discovery of Peridot Stones

Peridot was first discovered in Zabargad island of Eygpt 1500 BC. It was Zabargad or Topazios ( St. John's) in ca. Where fine quality was produced. Other countries which are known for producing vivid green Peridots are Myanmar and San Carlos, Arizona USA. These regions became popular for it's productions. 


Peridots; Gemstones in Pakistan

Recently, Peridot stones from Pakistan are getting international space. Pakistan is producing the most beautiful vivid green Peridots from Supat mine, Kohistan and Mansehra cities and Valleys. The colour peridot Gemstones in Pakistan is absolutely stunning and vivid. It is nearby Emerald Gemstone colour. The quality Pakistan Gemstone, Peridot is absolutely great. 

Other countries producing Peridots are Sri Lanka,  Ethiopia, Tanzania, China, Vietnam, Brazil, Norway (Söndmöre) and Italy, ...and meteorites, like the famous olivine-bearing pallasite from Esquel, Argentina.

Natural Peridots Gemstones


Larges stones may look fuzzy due to the doubling caused by the relatively high birefringence (0.036) and diagnostic lily pads inclusions (flat disk-like healing planes) may be observed under magnification.

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The above peridot necklace is having beautiful Peridots and diamonds In the photos ca. 1870 © Christie's; Devant corsage and earrings, reportedly from the so-called Habsburg Peridot Parure, ca. circa 1825, Austrian (probably by Kochert) © Christie’s; The "Green Anaconda" ring featuring a large 47.66 ct carved peridot by Cartier

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