Batakundi Kashmir Sapphire Information

Batakundi Kashmir Sapphire Information

Kashmir Sapphires are usually ideal in blue variety of sapphires. They are considered by many as the epitome of the perfect sapphire gemstones. They have intense blue color with typical velvet which is often called " sleepy " appearance due to the Tyndall effect (light scattering from tiny particles) caused by profuse minute rutile inclusions.

History of Kashmir Sapphire

Another variety of Kashmir sapphire is found from Batakundi mine which has the same velvet hue. Blue variety of sapphire mining site is located in the Kudi valley at ca. 4,500 meters high in north-west India, border with Pakistan in the Himalayas, was located in ca. It has been mined till 1881 and than extensively explored until 1887. The production of blue sapphire gradually dropped down until the 1930s. Kashmir Blue Sapphires in big sizes such as 10 carats are extremely rare. The big sizes in Kashmir sapphire fetch much higher values than any other sapphire. It has set records as with the " Star of Kashmir" (19.88carats), Jewel of Kashmir (27.68 carats) or another " Imperial Blue Sapphire (17.16 carats).

Kashmir Sapphire Mining

From left: Sketch plan of the Kashmir sapphire mines, Pádar, Kashmir. Photograph by T.D. LaTouche of the Kashmir sapphire mines

 Two fine examples, formerly in the Collection of Maureen Constance Guinness, Marchioness of Dufferin and Ava (1907-1998), will be auctioned at Sotheby’s Geneva in May. Set in a Cartier brooch reportedly from the 1930s, the oval and a cushion-shaped sapphires weigh impressive 55.19 ct and 25.97 ct, respectively, the first being one of the largest faceted Kashmir sapphires ever reported.

Batakundi Variety of Purple Kashmir Sapphires | Raw Gemstones Found

Purple or velvet variety of Kashmir Sapphire is still being mined in Pakistan side Kashmir region under the administration of Pakistan. This Kashmir Sapphire has also same velvet blue hue but the main color is purple or reddish pink with velvet blue hue or saturation which makes it quite interesting and unique variety of sapphires. This raw gemstone, Kashmir Sapphire from Batakundi contains graphite layer on the surface of the stone. It is grinder or break by unconventional methods to extract fine raw stones pieces from the raw corundum crystal. There is huge deposits of raw gemstones in Batakundi regions such as rubies, Kashmir sapphire and some peridots. 

This sapphire has still has value due to its location of Kashmir region. 

Batakundi Purple Kashmir Sapphire

Raw Kashmir Sapphire for Faceting

 The Kashmir region has the world famous unusual sapphires. In the present world, the term " Kashmir " usually associated with blue sapphires is a strong selling tool. Kashmir sapphires are extremely rare. Market value of stone can be different location to location. When stones go to the laboratories, they mention the origin of stone in the report of stone. The "Kashmir Origin" is of much importance while selling any sapphire associated with the Kashmir region. Batakundi Kashmir Sapphire is different in color than the popular blue kashmir sapphire in color. 

Gemological description of the Batakundi sapphire Raw Gemstone material or Loose Gemstone Form ( Faceted Stones)

Gemological studies done by GIA (Gemological Institute of America) studied Batakundi Kashmir sapphire and several rough sapphire specimens. The unheated sapphire was examined by microscopic and spectroscopy. The sapphire were light pink to purplish pink and pinkish purple with light blue hue. The chemistry of the Batakundi sapphire was examined using EDXRF ( Energy Dispersive X‐ray fluorescence ). Only Ti, V, Cr, Fe, and Ga were analyzed. 

 Why Kashmir Sapphires are valued?

Kashmir Sapphires are valued because they are branded and most selling product in the world of sapphires. Comparatively Burmese, African, Ceylon sapphires, Kashmir Sapphires are considered as the Kind of the Sapphire World. 




Very good work on Kashmir Sapphires. Best Wishes for your future research work.

K.SHIVARAMAN | Mar 20, 2022

Thank you for this information about the Kashmir sapphires from the Batakundi region of the Kashmir area. I am fascinated with these exquisitely beautiful, and very unique, pink/purple gemstones with their light blue hue. I cannot wait for my rare treasured Batakundi Kashmir gemstones to arrive in Western Australia‼️😊🙏

Catherine Mulvay | Jan 19, 2022

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