Who are Buyers of Uncut Gemstones? Explore the World of Raw Gems

Who are Buyers of Uncut Gemstones? Explore the World of Raw Gems

There are several reasons why individuals may choose to purchase uncut gemstones. Before discussing into specifics, let's first clarify what raw gemstones are? and what factors that influence their appeal to buyers forcing them to make a raw gems purchases. Rough or uncut gemstones represent the untreated, unaltered forms of natural gemstones and minerals, extracted directly from the Earth. Typically, these raw gemstones retain their inherent purity and are untouched by processes such as treatment, cutting by faceting, cabbing, tumbling, beading, or final polishing. They posses organic form and structure developed over million years of time. 

Types of Raw Gemstones

Raw gemstones are available in a diverse range of types and forms. Some common varieties include:

  1. Loose Shape Raw Gemstones suitable for faceting (clean varieties of rough gemstones). 
    Kashmir sAPPHIRE
  2. Raw Gemstones tailored for
    Lapidary Artists, spanning from opaque to transparent and semi-transparent varieties. 
  3. Raw Crystals.
    Aquamarine Crystals
  4. Naturally tumbled raw stones.
  5. Rough Fine Mineral Specimens.
    Amethyst Crystal

    Why Do People Buy Raw Gemstones?

    Mainly, getting your hands on uncut gemstones is basically the starting point of the gem cutting trade business. The main buyers of raw gemstones are gemstone cutters and lapidary artists. As the People have been fascinated by natural gemstones for centuries, every type of person is attracted towards them due to many reason. Each gems has a story behind why people picked them and used them in jewelry, arts or other purposes. In today’s times, people decide about gemstone value from the auction records. Apart from all these aspects of buying gemstones, here are highlighted some facts and reasons behind that people would like to buy raw gemstones:-

    People want to Have Creative Inspiration out of Raw Gemstones:- Artists and designers seek creative inspiration from raw gemstones, drawn to their natural irregular shapes. The stones attract the artists to shape their imaginations and transform them into unique artistic expressions. The beauty of the organic form of gemstones and minerals invites refinement of the stones into a fascinating form. Each finished gemstone speaks about the vision and skill of the artists. Apart from being aesthetic, the journey of raw gemstone towards finished polished masterpiece showcases the transformative power of a creator.

     Transforming from Raw to Loose Stone - Raw tourmaline to polished cut tourmaline stone

    raw tourmaline stones





    Learn about Tips to Facet Raw Gemstones

    Market Demand:- The demands of finished gemstones are often come by jewelry designers who want to create exquisite gemstone jewelry pieces. Therefore, raw gemstones are mostly purchased by the faceting masters and lapidary artists who will give shape to their final polished form and sell to the jewelers. They supply the cut gemstones to the jewelry artisans and retailers to complete customer demands who are seeking unique gems jewelry pieces. The settings of gemstones in the jewelry enhance the beauty and give diversification of designs to the jewelry artists. However, the demand for gemstones fluctuates by many factors. 

    Investment Purpose: The gemstones hold investment value due to their worth, attracting the investors for long - term investment. The gemstone value increases with the passage of time unlike fluctuation in the market. The gemstones normally possess stable value over time. Their rarity and everlasting appeal is a major contribution factor for a coveted investment plan. The popular gemstones for investment are precious stones such as diamonds, emerald, rubies, sapphires or those other rare stones such as Alexandrite, grandidierite, color change stones or another with unique and rare characteristics. These gemstones offer a tangible form of wealth that transcends fluctuations in currency or stock markets. The investors would like to preserve their capital. 

    Save Cost while Buying Raw Gemstones: The gems jewelry designers would like to save the cost by cutting manufacturing expenses.  Procuring raw gems allows designers to personally cut and incorporate stones into their jewelry creations, bypassing retail markups. This direct approach not only reduces manufacturing costs but also ensures greater creative control and customization. Therefore, buying raw gemstones in bulk give them the opportunity to cut the stones by themselves and use them in jewelry. By this, they save cost of manufacturing and avoid buying finished stones at the retail price. While working on raw stones, designers set their budgets to create unique and high quality jewelry also for their customers. Such a strategy gives them a chance without compromising on their creations or breaking the bank while ensuring and creating a win-win scenario for both artisans and customers alike.

    Assurance of Authenticity comes more in Raw Stones Buying: It is very difficult to recognize a cut stone authenticity even in laboratories. Many experts wonder about finished stone identification due to a lot of treatments being done in the market. However, there are very less chances of those treatments in the raw stones. In case of treatment done, experts catch the fake stones more easily in raw stones. Therefore, the buyers, the gemstone dealers and jewelry designers would prefer to buy raw gemstones. As this gives them a sense of originality and authenticity of the stone. 

    Raw Gemstones Come Directly From Mine: The best objective to buy raw gemstones is to get assurance about getting 100% natural gemstones. The raw gemstones in uncut form are coming directly from the mines to the market. People want to cut intermediate steps and reach from the gemstone origin. The gemstone miners ensure fair price and guarantee authenticity and value of the stone.  

    Raw Gemstones Beauty Attracts the Minds:- Raw gemstones present beauty of pure nature, capturing human minds with their natural wonders.. With their rough look, organic shapes and earthly texture, they offer us the untouched essence of the Earth's geological wonders. The raw gemstones with their unique character tell us a story of its formation over millions of years. They are pictures of the Earth’s ancient past, offering glimpses towards hidden depths and mineralogical processes that have taken a long time. These untamed charm attracts those who appreciate the organic beauty of the raw stones, nature's creations while inviting us to the marvels of untold hidden stories of the Earth. 

    Raw Gems have Unique Characteristics: The best thing about raw gemstones is that they are not always similar and they possess diversity. Each stone shows distinctive characteristics that set them apart. Unlike uncut gemstones, the rough stones come in different shapes, sizes, color, crystal structures, or in beautiful unique patterns and inclusions. Such types of characteristics attract the individual buyers who love the unique individuality of the stones. Whether the stones have kaleidoscopic hues of unpolished gemstone, irregular crystal structure, the intricate formations within, these captures the human imagination and intricate in us the sense of wonder. This also stimulates the sense of wonder in those who give value to the beauty of nature’s unpredictability.

    Kashmir Sapphire Tripeche
    Rare Sapphire Tripeche


    Spiritual Significance of Raw Gemstones: In many cultures and traditions, many raw gemstones hold a prominent significance and are believed to have metaphysical properties. People use them to promote healing to enhance spiritual protection. These stones are believed to have more powers in raw form than in polished form. Buyers choose the raw stones according to their beliefs and intentions. 

    Increase Environmental Consciousness: As sustainability becomes increasingly important to customers, raw stones offer an eco-friendly.. By opting for raw gems, buyers can support ethical sourcing practices and minimize the environmental impact associated with conventional mining and manufacturing processes.

    Raw Gemstones Appeal to Collectors: Raw gemstones have long been prized by collectors for their rarity and unique structure. The collectors of mineral specimens always seek rare stones for their cabinet display or for  investment purposes. The natural variations and geological formations found in raw gems make them fascinating objects of study and admiration.

    Today, people mostly decide how valuable a gem is by looking at auction records, not just old beliefs. But a gem's worth isn't just about how many people want it or how many are available. It's about other things too.

    Who are Buyers of Rough Gemstones?

    Following are the main buyers of Raw Gemstones-

    Gemstones Cutters of Faceting Experts

    The main buyers of loose rough stones are gemstone cutters and faceting experts. They buy clean facet grade raw gemstones to facet the stones. They give them unique shapes to show their artistic skills. Normally the following shapes are given. 



    They cut stones into single center stones, pairs or calibrated loose stone form. After faceting, the polished and loose stones are set into the jewelry. 

    Lapidary Artists

    Another important buyer of raw stones are lapidary artists. They give different shapes to the stones such as transforming them into cabochons, tumbles, carving, beading.. Lapidary artists play an important role in the raw stone market. They are ready to leverage their lapidary art and skills to transform uncut gems into stunning creations as follows.

    • Cabochons:  Lapidary artists skill-fully shape raw stones into smooth, domed cabochons while highlighting the gem's natural colors and patterns.
    • Tumbling Raw Stone: Through tumbling techniques, the lapidary artists refine rough stones' rounded forms, enhancing their aesthetic appeal and tactile quality. Those tumbles are used for various purposes such as using them in creative art and crafts, use in pools, Healing purposes. 
    • Carving: The Lapidary artist creates various carving art from raw stone. The raw stones are either embossed or carved to give them beautiful shapes such as flowers, statues, plants, or many others. The Intricate carving processes allow for the creation of intricate designs and sculptures from raw gemstones, showcasing the artist's craftsmanship and creativity.carving
    • Beading: The Lapidary artists also utilize raw stones to make beads of various shapes and sizes, which are then set into jewelry pieces, adding a unique touch of elegance and individuality. The beads are in round form having holes in the middle of the stone. 

    Gemstone Collectors and Lovers

    The third most important buyers of raw


    stones are gemstone collectors who have an attraction towards stones due to their unique shape, look and rarity. They would like to keep raw stones with them to satisfy their aesthetic sense. They display various types of raw specimens in their cabinets. 


    Geologists, Gemologists and Students

    The geologists and gemologists

    Sphene Crystals

    students would like to buy raw stones for learning purposes. They learn from the raw stones about geology of any origin, formation of minerals, gemstone identification purposes, or learning about the type of rocks in which the gemstones and minerals are formed. Therefore, keeping in mind, Folkmarketgems have created special sections for learners who are looking to buy special crystals shapes such as Hexagonal crystals, cubic crystals, octahedron crystals, igneous rocks, metamorphic rocks and so and so. 

    Raw Stone Dealers

    The gemstone dealers buy raw stones wholesale to sell them later on to the individual gemstones cutters, lapidary artists, retailers or jewelry artists. The individual cutters can not sometimes buy wholesale rough gems, therefore they keep contact with wholesale gemstone dealers and buy small quantities to try their cutting expertise. 

    Industrial Stone Buyers

    There are also industrial grade stones in raw form.

    industrial stones

    They are used for various purposes and purchased in high quantities such as 1000 kg or 1000 kg. Among them, there are gemstones like Serpentine, Oynx, calcite, milky quartz, himalayan salt rocks and many others.


    Investors allocate funds towards gemstone acquisition as a means of preserving and potentially increasing their wealth. Gemstone prices inherently increase over a period of time, due to their rarity, limited supply, and sustained high demand. These factors consistently yield favorable returns for investors, evident through the escalating frequency of gemstone auctions annually. These auctions not only reflect market dynamics but also significantly influence gemstone valuation and price. Particularly, unique raw stone specimens and crystals command substantial prices, often reaching thousands of dollars, driven by their scarcity and exceptional qualities.

    Raw Stone Jewelry Designers

    Raw stones are also used as it is in jewelry. 

    Raw Stone Jewelry

    There are various types of raw stone jewelry designs such as wire wrapped jewelry, crystal healing pendants or raw stone chunks to be set in diamonds and gold metal. Here are some examples to set raw stones in jewelry.


    Buyers of Crystal Healing and Metaphysical 

    Raw stones are highly demanded by those who have strong beliefs in spiritual healing. As raw stones are unaltered and having organic structure. Therefore, the people with spiritual beliefs prefer to buy raw stones and raw crystals. The people have strong beliefs that the raw stones possess inherent energy and metaphysical properties and are untouched by human interventions. This demand underscores the enduring connection between spiritual seekers and the elemental purity of raw gemstones, fostering a symbiotic relationship between belief systems and the natural world.


    In conclusion, going for raw gemstone buying is not just adventurous, but a rich journey of discovery and possibilities. It's like an invitation to explore the Earth's hidden treasures. It means that you are witnessing the marvels created by nature over millions of years. It also means to connect with cultures and histories spanning the globe.

    As we go on for exploration, the people increase their curiosity and appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us. Let us have appreciation for each raw gemstone having the potential for breathtaking transformation. 

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