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100 Gram Beautiful Morginate Rough stones.
100 Gram Beautiful Morginate Rough stones.
$450.00USD $350.00USD
Cut and make morganite rose gold jewelry
rough morganite price per carat


emerald cut morganite
loose morganite stones


1 Killo Gram Natura Raw Morganite Gemstones.
1 Killo Natural Raw Morganite Stone for Lapidary
$790.00USD $680.00USD

Own a Piece of Nature: Natural Morganite Rough Cut Stones Available at FolkmarketGems

What is Morganite Stone?

When we talk about colored stones, the Morganite stone has a special place in the Beryl mineral family. This is often found in peachy pink or orange color. It is an attractive and rare stone that is sometimes used as an alternative to diamond or morganite diamond. 

Morganite is occasionally used for different events especially in engagement rings or it is mostly used in wedding jewelry. Actually, it belongs to the Beryl family and was first discovered in Madagascar by the geologist Jump Morgan. Its pink color is because of a trace amount of manganese element. Another fact about morganite stone is that it can change its color intensity in light. It may dull its color, or in some cases, it can be more intense. Most commonly, it is used in jewelry like pendants, rings, and pairs of earrings, but specifically, it is used in engagement rings. It can be found in various colors, and 

Color Variety of Morganite Stone

Morganite is a colorful gem, so it is classified on the basis of its color. There are various colors of morganite available in the market. But pink is a trendy color in the market, mostly for jewelry. The most popular treatment for coloring morganite is a heat treatment, which is not detectable and checked. Heat removes its yellow and orange color and improves its pink shade, which is a demanding color in the market. The resulting color is stable and won’t fade. Folkmarketgems does its best to provide all color variations to its beloved customers. Some famous colors of morganite crystal are mentioned below:-

• pink morganite stone

• orange morganite stone

• peach morganite stone

• Rose morganite stone

• salmon morganite stone

These types represent different color variations and shades within the Morganite family, offering a range of choices for our customers to find the perfect stone for their unique requirements.

Composition of Morganite Gemstone

Morganite belongs to the Beryl family and was discovered a few years after kunzite. Its chemical formula is Be₃Al₂Si₆O₁₈, indicating it is a beryllium aluminum silicate. The gemstone forms within the Earth through the combination of aluminum (Al), beryllium (Be), oxygen (O), and silicon (Si) atoms under high pressure and temperature within rocks. Morganite has a hexagonal crystal structure with six prismatic sides, resembling other beryl family members like green beryl and blue-green beryl. The unique color of morganite is attributed to trace elements within its crystal.

When was Morganite Discovered?

First discovered in Madagascar in 1911, morganite was initially known as pink beryl. Today, it is primarily mined in Afghanistan, Brazil, and Madagascar. The gemstone earned its current name, morganite, in honor of its supporter, J.P. Morgan, from George Fredrick Kunz. Recognized for its captivating beauty, morganite has become a popular choice for engagement rings, offering a stunning alternative to diamonds.

At Folkmarketgems, we understand the importance of morganite in the colorful world of gemstones. Our carefully curated collection showcases the unique charm of morganite, reflecting our passion for this precious stone and our commitment to delivering quality to our customers. Explore the enchanting world of morganite and enhance the beauty of your jewelry with our exclusive selection at Folkmarketgems.

How Can You Tell if Morgantie is a Natural Stone?

Morganite presents pinks to peachy hues. In terms of clarity and inclusions, genuine morganite tends to have few imperfections, ensuring a visually pristine appearance. An authentic stone must have irregular inclusions. In Lab created stones, inclusions come in perfect shape. For example, bubbles in the lab will be perfect. The same bubbles in natural stones will be in irregular shapes. The type of inclusions will tell immediately about the guinness of the stone. 

Is Morganite a Cheap Stone?  

Morganite is commonly chosen for wedding jewelry as a cost-effective alternative to diamonds. When comparing prices, morganite is more affordable than diamonds, making it an attractive option for those looking for budget-friendly yet elegant choices. The price of morganite can vary based on market trends and individual preferences. In the colorful world of gemstones, morganite stands out as a favorable option in terms of cost. Larger crystals, often found in morganite, contribute to its lower price compared to gemstones with smaller crystals. However, if morganite comes in smaller crystals with a clear color and cut, its price may be slightly higher.

Here are some causes of morganites low price:-

• High Occurrence: Morganite is found in high yield in its mined regions as compared to other stones which one because of its low price.

• Large Crystal Sizes: Morganite crystal is mostly found in large crystal sizes, which offer the best and bigger gemstone cuts.

• Treatment: When it comes to the color treatment of morganite, it is a heat treatment which often cost-effective and common, so its price is low in the market than other gemstones.

What are the various types of morganite at FolkmarketGems

Is Morganite Stone a Good Investment? 

The investment value of Morganite depends on personal significance. While diamonds are still recommended for financial investment, Morganite has also a special place especially when you set the morganite stone as a centerpiece of a ring or a necklace or bracelet or earring covered with mm size diamonds around it. The jewelry piece value increases by matching the two rare stones. Renowned for symbolizing love, a Morganite stone is popular for setting in jewelry pieces like engagement rings. It becomes a practical investment while investing morganite stones in engagement rings. With a hardness ranking of 7.5-8 on the Mohs scale, Morganites are  durable, making them an excellent diamond alternative ready for daily wear. Frequently paired with rose gold, they look pretty and feminine charm. For those who adore gemstones jewelry, Morganite is a mesmerizing investment option. However before investing in any gemstones, keep the following factors in mind:-

Investing in gemstones, including Morganite, comes with certain risks and considerations. Here are some factors to keep in mind:

  1. Always look for Market Trends before investing in gemstone: Gemstone prices are highly influenced by market trends. Morganite has gained popularity in recent years for its peachy-pink color, but the fashion trends can change. It's important to be aware of the current market demand.
  2. Consider the Gemstone Quality: The price of morganite or any other gems depends on its quality. Factors such as color, clarity, cut, and carat weight contribute to its overall value. 
  3. Look for whether Gemstone is treated or not: Treatment affects the stone price highly. The treated stone will have low value compared to the untreated stone. 
  4. Get a Certification of the Stone: Obtain a reputable gemological certificate for any Morganite you consider purchasing which is essential for resale or investment purposes.

Where I can use Morganite Stone?

Morganite is most commonly used in jewelry like wedding morganite jewelry, especially rings, pairs of earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. It is also said that it is a sign of love and affection. Its popularity for engagement rings has increased as its pink color offers romance and elegant choices that promote love. morganite wedding set is its primary use so, here are some uses of morganite listed below:-

• Morganite Ring: Pink shades of morganite are a popular choice for the morganite engagement ring. Because people believe that it is a symbol of love, it is an alternative to diamonds, and it is affordable.

• Morganite Necklace: Morganite are mostly popular choice for necklaces because it can match you are daily clothes and also add an elegant touch to your jewelry

• Morganite Earrings: Whether as studs or dangle earrings, morganite gemstones contribute a subtle and sophisticated charm to earring designs.

• Morganite Bracelet: Morganite is also an important item in bracelet designs, either as a single stone or as part of a gemstone arrangement, creating a delicate and refined look.

• Artistic Creations: Beyond traditional jewelry, morganite may be used in artistic creations such as sculptures, carvings, or mixed media art. Its calming color and unique properties make it an attractive choice for artistic expression.

Morganite's versatility and captivating appearance make it a favored gemstone for various types of jewelry, offering wearers a distinct and fashionable option.

Where to buy Morganite Stone?

If you are looking to buy morganite stones, congratulations! You have landed at the right place. Folkmarketgems is a trusted gemstone supplier in the market. We care about our customers. If you don't find your desired stones at Folkmarketgems, you can also place a custom order.

What is the symbolism of Morganite?

Morganite epitomizes the very spirit of love, symbolizing compassion, harmony, and romance. It is thought to magnetically attract an overflow of love to its wearer. The delicate pink peach shades of Morganite is often associated with notions of innocence and femininity.

What month is Morganite birthstone?

Morganite, a gemstone linked to June along with moonstone, holds significance as a birthstone. Its affiliation, however, extends to November as well, featuring in the birthstone list for that month.

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