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What is Afghanite Crystal?

Afghanite is relatively, a  rare mineral deposit. It was first discovered in 1968 around Sar-e-Sang area of Badakhshan which is a province in Afghanistan. Badakhshan is well known for its rich deposits multiple gems and minerals. Afghanite was given the name after its country of origin, Afghanistan.

Afghanite is a rare mineral composed of hydrous sodium, potassium, calcium, chloride, sulfate, and carbonate alumino-silicate mineral. This is something complicated mineral having a unique crystal structure. It may present in elongated prismatic formations, crystals terminated at both ends resembling bipyramids, or as coatings enveloping a matrix, typically composed of calcite or marble. This mineral ranges in color from a light sky blue to a deep dark blue. In facet grade Afghanite stone, it comes  colorless and transparent also. 

Afghanite stone is found in Afghanistan. This is a semi precious stone. It is close to lapis lazuli in color and appearance. Afghanite gets its name from its place of discovery — Afghanistan!


Physical Properties of Aghanite:

Afghanite is a silicate mineral. It has complex chemical composition. Afghanite normally occurs as blue to violet-blue crystals. This comes occasionally in association with other minerals like calcite, diopside, and pyrite. The color of Afghanite is due to sulfur in its structure.

Afghanite Chemical Composition:

The chemical formula of Afghanite is (Na,K)22Ca10(Si24Al24O96)(SO4)6(CO3)6·(H2O)6. Apparently, the chemical formula itself speaks the complexity of the stone. Like, it contains multiple elements such as sodium (Na), potassium (K), calcium (Ca), silicon (Si), aluminum (Al), sulfur (S), and carbon (C).

Here is scientific information of Afghanite:-



Mineral Family

Cancrinite group

Chemical Formula

(Na, Ca, K)12-(Si, Al)16O34(Cl, SO4, CO3)4.H2O




White, colorless, variations of blue, 

Crystal Structure


Mohs Hardness

5.5 to 6


Vitreous - (Glassy)


Transparent to opaque

Refractive Index

1.52 to 1.53




2.55 to 2.65


1 direction on [1010]


Conchoidal to uneven



Afghanite Crystal System:

Afghanite gets crystallization in form of a cubic crystal system. They form well-defined crystals with a cubic or octahedral habit like spinels. However, Afghanite can also be found in massive forms.

Occurrence of Afghanite Stone:

Afghanite is found in altered limestones and marbles. It is formed  in high-pressure metamorphic environments while being in association with other minerals. The occurrence of Afghanite is relatively a rare. It is found only in Afghanistan therefore, Afghanistan is the only primary source of this rare mineral. Some very small amount is also observed in Italy, United States and Russia.  

Uses of Afghanite Stone:

Afghanite Stone is a rare mineral with having vibrant blue hue which is usually collected by the mineral collectors and geologist enthusiasts. The researchers find Afghanite an interesting stone because of its unique crystal structure and complex chemical composition. All these attributes make the stone appealing to the mineral collectors. 

Market and Value Afghanite:

Market value of the stone is depending on following factors mainly:-

How much is the stone gem grade for faceting

  • The color and Clarity of Afghanite for faceting
  • The Size of facet grade afghanite
  • the quality of the crystals, 
  • he intensity of its blue color,
  • the size of the specimen,
  •  aesthetic appeal.

High-quality Afghanite specimens or crystal along with well-formed crystals and deep coloration can be quite valuable among collectors.

It should be kept in mind that the high end Afghanite specimens or a gem grade Afghanite for faceting is very very rare and will become more rare with the passage of time due to the limited occurrence of the mineral and also other potential geopolitical factors which affect the accessibility of sources in Afghanistan.

What Folkmarket Offers in Afghanite Crystals and Stones?

Folk market gems are primarily known for their quality gemstones service all over the world. There is no need to introduce the folk market gems to our valuable customers because they all know about us and our quality gemstones. Same as before, our core goal is to provide the best quality of stones to our customers, which they like the most. That's why we also manage the tours to the areas where miners mine the precious stones, and we buy the original stones for our customers to ensure that they get the real stones. To carry this legacy, we will discuss the Afghanite stone. It is a complex stone that was first found in Afghanistan. It is a scarce and unique stone. It has a deep blue hue. It is found in short areas in the world, mostly in Afghanistan, in Badakhshan, an impoverished city in Afghanistan. 

We do our best to see these rare stones and provide the quality to our beloved customers that they deserve. When we offer any stones in our store for sale, it means that our experts verify these stones are rare and original. This is the actual reason that our customers trust us; if you are new to our stones, feel free to place an order. Believe us, you won't be disappointed.

The type of Afghanite stones we offer

  • Raw Afghanite for lapidary artists to create cabochons, tumbles, carving
  • Raw Afghanite Crystals for Faceting 
  • Raw Afghantie Specimens and Crystals for Collectors
  • Polished and loose Afghanite Stones for jewelry designers
  • Afghanite Tumbles, cabochons, crafts

Varieties of Natural Afghanite Stones

When we talk about the varieties of gemstones, then, there are some factors that matter. The same is valid with the Afghanites. Its verity is on behalf of its color. According to the research of our Folkmarketgems, we are going to discuss a few varieties of Afghanite below on behalf of its color.  

  • Blue Afghanite: Exhibiting deep blue hues, this verity is known as rare and unique because of its deep blue hue.
  • Green Afghanite: Afghanite has attractive green tones, and this Afghanite variety offers a unique and striking appearance.
  • Purple Afghanite: Afghanite’s rich purple hues, this variant of Afghanite adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any collection.
  • Multicolored Afghanite: Some Afghanite stones display a combination of colors, including blue, green, and purple, creating visually stunning and dynamic patterns.

Each variety of Natural Afghanite Stones possesses its distinct beauty, and every color gemstone has its value and purpose for use. Their value also depends on their colors and users' choices.

Buying Guide for Afghanite Stones

Gemstones are rare and expensive. That's why buying them is only a cup of tea for everyone. So, we at Folkmarketgems have decided, with the help of our experts, to guide our users. As gems are rare, and so people use different ways of scams. We do our best to guide our customers on identifying real gems while buying them. When purchasing Afghanite stones, it's compulsory to consider several factors to ensure you select the highest quality and most suitable Afghanite. Some points are mentioned below.

Color of Afghanite:  Afghanite stones have different colors, including blue, green, purple, and multicolored varieties. Select a color that suits best to you.

Clarity of Afghanite: check the clarity of the Afghanite stone for any visible inclusions or imperfections before buying because it can affect its price. Stones with minimal flaws are typically more valuable and desirable.

Cut of Afghanite: the cut is most crucial for any stone. Consider the cut of the Afghanite stone, as it can significantly affect its overall appearance and brilliance. 

Size of Afghanite:  check the size of the Afghanite stone based on your use. Whether you're looking for a small accent stone or a larger centerpiece for jewelry, select a size that fits your needs.

Origin of Afghanite: Afghanite stones mined from specific regions may have unique characteristics or qualities. Consider the stone's origin when making your selection.

Certification for selling Afghanite:  try to check or choose Afghanite stones that come with a certificate of authenticity from a reputable gemological laboratory. This ensures that you're purchasing a genuine and natural Afghanite stone.

Considering these factors and conducting thorough research, you can confidently select Afghanite stones that meet your quality standards and personal preferences.

Investment Potential of Afghanite 

If you want to invest in any gemstone market, ket research is a significant factor. By doing research, we can estimate that it is valuable to invest in this stone whether its trend is up or down. or how we can buy to get revenue from this Afghanite for example a trusted source. Afghanite, the gemstone with its unique colors and distinctive beauty, has significant investment potential for enthusiasts and collectors. Here are some key factors contributing to its investment appeal:

  • The rarity of Afghanite: Afghanite is relatively rare and prized for its captivating colors, including shades of blue, green, and purple. 
  • Aesthetic Appeal of Afghanite: Afghanite's vibrant colors and striking patterns make it a visually appealing gemstone, suitable for a wide range of jewelry and decorative applications. 
  • Market Demand of Afghanite:  As we all know Afghanite is a rare stone and can be mined at only a few points in the world. The popularity of Afghanite gemstones is increasing among collectors and jewelry enthusiasts worldwide. As awareness of Afghanites grows, so does its demand, leading to potential appreciation in value over time.
  • The durability of Afghanite: Afghanite is relatively durable, making it suitable for use in jewelry and decorative objects. It means that the demand for jewelry is increasing day by day.

Overall, Afghanite offers an attractive investment opportunity for individuals looking to invest in unique and rare gemstones. As with any investment, thorough research and careful consideration of market trends and quality factors are essential for maximizing returns and minimizing risks.


In conclusion, Folkmarketgems is committed to providing customers with genuine and rare gemstones, including Afghanites sourced from remote regions like Badakhshan, Afghanistan. Our buying guide assists customers in selecting high-quality Afghanite stones based on color, clarity, and certification. Afghanite's rarity and aesthetic colors contribute to its investment potential, making it a valuable addition to any collection or jewelry piece. With Folkmarketgems, customers can trust in the authenticity and quality of their Afghanite purchases, ensuring satisfaction and long-term value.

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