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60Grams Spodumene Kunzite for Faceting - Folkmarketgems
60Grams Spodumene Kunzite for Faceting - Folkmarketgems


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$350.00USD $299.00USD
Natural kunzite pendant gemstones for sale
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$80.00USD From $16.00USD
600grams Natural Rough Kunzite Crystal.
600grams Natural Rough Kunzite Crystal.


Exploring Kunzite Stone: How to Purchase Raw and Loose Kunzite Stones?

Is Kunzite A Stone or A Crystal?

Kunzite Gemstone is a variety of Spodumene mineral with a lilac-colour. Kunzite comes in loose raw form and can be cut into beautiful faceted gemstones. Kunzite has various colours such as pink to lilac which is caused by presence of manganese within the crystal structure of Kunzite Stone. Kunzite is basically a gemstone, not a standalone crystal. Kunzite value is determined by factors such as color, clarity, and size. Crystal kunzite is found in light pink color because of the trace amount of manganese in it. 

When was Kunzite Discovered? 

Kunzite was first discovered in California by George Frederick Kunz, an American geologist, in 1902. It was initially found by mistake but later officially named kunzite in honor of Kunz. Subsequently, deposits were found in other parts of the world, including Afghanistan, Brazil, and Madagascar, known for their significant yield production.  It does not stick to only pink color; it comes in other colors, too, like violet, green and yellow. It is also used In jewelry like pendants, earrings, rings, and necklaces. Here are some colors of Kunzite:-

  • Redish Kunzite
  • blue kunzite
  • Pastel pink kunzite
  • Bubble gum purple kunzite 
  • Bluish purple kunzite 
  • Purple Kunzite
  • Violet kunzite

Composition of Kunzite Crystal

As we know, Kunzite is a color family of the spodumene family. Kunzite crystal is formed with the composition of some elements. Each element has its unique role in its composition. Iron is the reason for its yellowish color, and same like manganese is the cause for its pink color, and chromium is the reason behind its greenish color. Actually, which impurity influences, then its color belongs to that element like above. Its chemical formula is LiAl(SiO₃)₂. We discuss its composition, and then lithium, aluminum, silicon, and oxygen are the components that bind to make its crystal.

What FolkmarketGems Offers in Kunzite Stones?

Folkmarketgems cares for its customers, so in our collection of Kunzite, we offer Kunzite stones from different regions according to customers' requirements. You can also place customer orders. Here is a list of some available stones at FolkmarketGems:-

  • Facet Grade Spodumene Kunzite Stone for Faceting
  • Kunzite / Spodumene Crystals
  • Kunzite Crystals for Collectors
  • Kunzite  Crystal Fine Mineral Specimens
  • Kunzite Crystals for wire wrapping or making pendants
  • Loose Kunzite Stones 
  • Kunzite Cabochons
  • Kunzite Tumbles
  • Kunzite Gems Jewelry

Industrial Kunzite Stones to be used at Large Scale such as using in batteries or extracting lithium to use in electric batteries. 

Is Kunzite Stone worth buying?

No doubt Kunzite is a popular semi-precious gemstone. It is an affordable stone however some rare crystal structures or specimens will make the gemstones bit pricy because of rarity of the crystal shape.  It is also because of its unique color and its unique properties. Folkmarketgems offer sall types of Kunzites at our store according to the one’s preference. Like other stones, Kunzite's price also depends on other factors. On behalf of the FolkmarketGems researchers, we are going to share the few factors which should be determined to know that Kunzite is worth buying:-

Color of Kunzite: Kunzite is famous because of its pink color and its hues, so its pink color is worth buying than other colors.

Cut of Kunzite: cut is the most important factor that enhances its beauty, so the right cut enhances its beauty, which increases its value among others.

Size of Kunzite: size is an important factor when buying Kunzite, so larger size crystals of Kunzite are rare and are more expensive than smaller sizes. This means that larger crystals with transparency are worth buying and can be valuable.

Clarity of Kunzite: clarity is also a factor when buying Kunzite, which means that a clear crystal of Kunzite has more value than a crystal which don’t have a clear view.

 Is Kunzite an expensive Stone?

Kunzite is a relatively recent addition to the spodumene family. Pink Kunzite, being rare and unique, is more expensive than other colours in Spodumene stones. Its value is attributed to its clear crystals and larger size, enhancing its worth in the gem market. Several factors contribute to its market value, including clarity, color hue, size, and cut. Well-cut, larger-sized Kunzite with a distinctive pink color is particularly rare and holds greater value compared to other stones.

What are the types of Kunzite stone at Folkmarketgems

There are various types of Kunzite gemstone because of its color, hues, and shapes. Folk Market Gem’s aim is to provide all variations of the Kunzite to its valuable customers so that they can find all of their required stones in one place. Because our customer is our 1st priority. Here is a list of available stones at FolkmarketGems.

  • Pink Kunzite stone
  • Clear kunzite stone
  • Yellow kunzite stone
  • Deep pink kunzite stone
  • Peach Kunzite
  • Green Kunzite

These variations of colors are FolkmarketGems according to the preferences of different designs and our customers. If you found your required stone is not available here then you can place your custom order.

How to Clean Kunzite Stone?

There are some important tips to ensure the safety and preservation of your rare Kunzite. When cleaning your Kunzite, it's crucial to keep in mind a few important factors:-


  • Don’t expose it to high heat and sudden temperature
  • It can change its color for longer heat or intense light
  • While cleaning the kunzite, avoid steaming.


  • Soak it in the mild soapy solution
  • Scrub it with a soft brush
  • Rinse thoroughly
  • After washing, dry it with a soft cloth

By following these care tips, you can help preserve the beauty and value of your rare Kunzite over time.

Keeping in mind these tips can preserve your rare gem kunzites' beauty and value over some time.

Where we can Use Kunzite Stones?

Kunzite jewelry: Kunzite stones have various uses, like decoration, and jewelry is one of its primary uses. Here are some common uses of Kunzite are mentioned below

The most common use of Kunzite is in jewelry. The pink color of Kunzite is the most demanding color for jewelry because it is transparent, which gives extra beauty to jewelry and gives an elegant touch to jewelry design. Here are some common uses of kunzite stones

  • Kunzite ring
  • kunzite necklace
  • Kunzite earrings
  • Kunzite pendants
  • Kunzite bracelet
  • Kunzite is used in chakra 

Gifts of Love:  As pink color looks color to the eyes and is connected with love, Kunzite is mostly chosen as a gift for loved ones for special occasions like anniversaries or Valentine's Day.

Kunzite Use for Collector's Item:  As we know, kunzite stone is rare and unique, so it is a popular choice for collectors and gem enthusiasts. Stones with unique color, clarity, and good size are really prized.

Kunzite for Artist:  Kunzite is a unique and rare stone, so it is a popular choice for artists and designers. They show their skills to use it in jewelry, which showcases its real beauty or home decor things. So, like jewelers, it is also a popular choice for artists and for those who make décor things.

Kunzite as birthstone

Kunzite is a Birthstone of February. Some believe that basically, Kunzite crystals were discovered in California; because of this, it is also known as "American stone." Frederick Kunz, who identified this gem, assigned Kunzite as the American birthstone for September, according to his calendar. Recognised for its calming energy and delicate hues, Kunzite is believed to bring emotional balance and love to its wearer.

 Where to Buy Kunzite?

If you are curious about where to buy gemstones or Kunzite, fortunately, you have landed in the right place to get your required stones from a trusted seller. Folkmarketgems has the aim of providing the best value to their customers at their minimum price.

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