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17.6 grams uncut Amber Gemstones | Cabbing Rough Gemstones
17.6 grams uncut Amber Gemstones | Cabbing Rough Gemstones
$250.00USD $150.00USD

What is amber? Is Amber a Stone?

Technically, Amber is not a stone like other gemstones and mineral. Amber is a basically fossilized resin from the ancient tree of conifers. The main function of resin is that it protects the tree from insects and fungi. Actually, amber is a sticky material which can easily entangle the insects and also trap them. The resin becomes harder as oxygen gets away from it, and this hardness process takes millions of years, and all this is called fossilization. Then, after a few thousand years, it becomes semi-fossilized resin/amber, which we call copal. All these pieces have oil enclosed in them, and when these pieces dry out completely, they are known as amber stones. Amber stone is famous because of its beauty and is often used in jewelry like  amber stone necklace, amber stone ring and ornamental things. Because of its fossilization nature it has its unique charm.

What is amber chemical composition and Origin?

Amber is a compound which is made of organic acids. The chemical formula of the amber is C10H16O. The basic structure involves carbon-hydrogen-oxygen (C-H-O) bonds, creating a polymerized network. As it is made up of several chemicals, if we can check the quantity of each chemical in it, then it contains 78% carbon and 10% hydrogen and also 11% contain Oxygen. Sulphur impurities are also found in it frequently.

As we all know, resin turned into amber and was first produced by the conifers in Scandinavia in the Eocene era. Millions of years ago, it was known that the climate was mild, and Extensive coniferous forests characterized the Scandinavian region. It is said that for about 35 million years, the sea started to rise, amber was wrecked from forest soil and went into the Baltic rivers, and amber was deposited at the southern estuaries. In the end, Scandinavian land ice spread the amber to the Baltic Sea and North Sea.

At FolkmarketGems, we are not limited to one or two types, but we offer a wide range of amber stones which is sourced from different regions across the world. Each amber stone from the market has its unique story of ancient forest and its ecosystem. Our collection of amber has various colors, sizes and shapes, which provide our customer with the chance to have their amber piece of stone, which has its nature and history. Suppose you are interested in amber because of its geographical importance and its unique beauty. But at our market, we offer a wide selection of amber for collectors, jewelers and raw stones buyers.

How many types of amber are there?

The common Baltic amber is famous with the name of amber or succinite. The conifer Pinus vinifera forms these pieces. Other confiners also produce amber they amber which they produce are most of the time these are in smaller quantities. Another amber with succinite has one clear difference, which is that succinite has less succinic acid, and that’s why these are softer and easy to break and reshape.

The amber color has different colors, which are nearly seven colors. The amber color varies, and they change their transparency from clear to cloudy. Clear amber is transparent, and it has a variety of colors, from pale yellow to dark reddish yellow.

Some colors are listed below:

  • Butterscotch
  • Lemon
  • Cognac
  • Honey
  • Green
  • blue amber stone
  • Chery
  • white amber stone

 At our store folk market, we are not limited; we provide what our customers demand so that we have a wide range of amber at our store. We also welcome customer orders. If you find that your stones are not listed here, you can place your customer order with your requirements.

These are variations of amber available at our store, but we are not limited to them. If you find that your required stones are not listed here, then feel free to contact us.

  1. Natural Burma Amber Bermite with Insects Fossils
  2. Burma Amber for faceting
  3. Raw Amber Stones Wholesale Deal
  4. uncut Amber Gemstones
  5. Burma Raw Amber Bermite
  6. Raw Amber for faceting
  7. Natura Copal Stones
  8. Amber stone jewellery

Inclusions Tell Stories of Amber 

As we all know amber colored stone is made from resin, which is found in fossils, which means that amber is a result of mysteries of the past. Explore the amber stones that contain ancient plant material, incest and interesting air bubbles. Each Inclusion tells a unique story. When you buy amber from FolkmarketGems, it means you are not buying the stone, but you are buying the amazing story of nature. Don’t waste your time. Grab your favorite story now and upgrade your collection.

What are some uses for raw amber stone?

Raw amber from our store FolkmarketGems can be used for various purposes. All ambers at FolkmarketGems are waiting for the skilled hands to show their skill, which enhances their natural beauty.

Some uses of raw amber stone are mentioned below:-

Amber stone jewelry: the unique and natural look of amber stones makes it more popular among the jewelers as they use it in rings, bracelets and neckless.

  1. Art and Decor: As we all know, amber has a variation of colors, and its natural amazing look, which attracts artists to the creation of decorative items.
  2. Fossil Preservation: As we know, amber from resin has the remarkable properties to keep small insects and other organisms inside, which provides the door to ancient ecosystems. This is an amazing resource for scientists for research.

How to select Amber Stone for your Jewelry?

 Before selecting amber for your amber stone jewellry, 1st of all, test whether it is real or fake. The real amber is warm when you touch and release a gentle pine scent. If it feels like a cold, then there is likely a chance that it is a fake stone. Amber is lightweight and will float over water. If when you are buying amber for your jewelry or f. thing, think about your use of this stone; for example, the amber stone size varies for rings, bracelets and necklaces. So first confirm its use before buying it. Also, choose a trusted dealer for your precious stones like Folkmarket. Our store FolkmarketGems has a variety of amber which meets your needs. Explore our amber collection now and find out your favorite one. You can also place an order for your required stone.


  • Don’t expose the amber to high temperatures, as it can be burnt or melted.
  • Avoid storing an amber in the heat as it will result in natural darkness, or it will damage it
  • Avoid chemicals and heat, as amber can be partially dissolved.
  • Never use a mechanical or steam cleaning system on amber stone.
  • If you want to clean your jewelry with amber stones or amber, then use a damp cloth with warm water and mild detergent.

Amber is November's birthstone.

As amber is known as the November birthstone, but amber is not an actual stone because it is a fossilized sap from ancient trees. Amber symbolizes courage and is also known as a protector for travelers and protects them from bad spirits. Also, it is known that it promotes good luck. Folkmarket offers a birthstone collection. Take your pick.

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