Is Ruby Very Expensive Stone? RubyGems Price Per Carat

Is Ruby Very Expensive Stone? RubyGems Price Per Carat

Is ruby a very expensive stone? This is a common question buyers often ask before purchasing a ruby. Knowing the answer can help you set your budget and make an informed decision. You can choose a stone that fits within your budget, especially when considering precious stones like ruby. So, why is ruby is an expensive stone? Let’s explore this.

Ruby is one of the top three precious stones, alongside emerald and sapphire. Both sapphire and ruby come from the mineral known as corundum. With slight differences in trace elements determining , the stone is a sapphire or a ruby. However, the price of ruby often exceeds that of the emeralds and sapphires. High-quality rubies with specific sizes, clarity, and color are extremely rare, which contributes to their high value.

The color of ruby is ideal for different kinds of occasions such as wedding, engagements, love, valentines and many others. Red color has always favorit throughout the history. The red color is one of the most demanding color. Ruby is considered next to the diamond stone. From rings to earrings, from necklace to bracelets, rubies have always attracted the people in gemstone jewelry. Ruby has a special place among all colored stones. 

It is Desire of People making Ruby More Expensive. What are they?

This is desire to buy ruby stone is what is making the ruby stone most expensive. Here are some key points which increase the value of ruby stone:-

Symbolism of Love: Ruby is symbolism of Love and loyality. People always associate the ruby stone with love and passion due to its red color. Red is a color of love and lovers. 

Attractive Beauty: Ruby is an elegant stone with unparalleled grace. Rubies are considered as " Kingdome of Gemstones" .

Historical Value: Ruby stone has been an important stone through the history. Lot of folk lores have been associated with the ruby stone. Love, passion, wealth, prosperity and fortune were all linked to ruby stones. Throughout the history, rubies have historical significance. 

Rarity and Uniqueness: Gem quality ruby is the most rare among other precious stones. One can find eye clean sapphire but it is hard to find eye clean ruby easily. Though clean emeralds are also hard to find but gem quality ruby is the rarest one. High quality rubies with notable sizes and deep vivid red color which is often referred to as " pigeon blood " red) are extremely rare. This type of rarity is making them highly desirable in the gems market. 

Investment Opportunities: Ruby is the hottest stone for investment and collectors. The price of rubies will increase with passage of time even in low quality stuff. The high quality will be more higher and higher.

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Favorit for Jewelry Designers: As people love ruby stones, therefore jewelry designers are the biggest buyers of ruby stones. They fit rubies in rings, wedding rings, engagement rings, earrings, necklaces. 

Market Performance and Liquidity

The gems market has shown significant gains especially in case of a high quality ruby. Rubies are sold at highest price in auctions, private sales with often fetch record-breaking prices. Such indicators show investor confidence.  

How Much is a Ruby Worth?

Yes the ruby stone is one of the three precious stones with others are Emeralds and Sapphires. Ruby among these colored stones 

Fine-quality rubies are some of the most expensive gemstones, with record ruby prices over $1,000,000 per carat. However, rubies are also subjected to more treatments than almost any other gem. For this reason, ruby prices can range from a few hundred dollars a carat to thousands of dollars per carat.

Ruby is a valuable gemstone well known for its blood-red colour. For centuries, ruby has been a highly priced gemstone for its beauty, splendor and rarity.

Price range of ruby is as follows:

  • Commercial Quality — $100 - $500 per carat
  • High Quality       —      $500 - $ 2000 per carat
  • Premium Quality — $2000 - $10,000 per carat
  • Investment- grade — $10,000-$50,000 per carat or more.

Per Carat Price of Ruby Varies Depending on Various Factors

The price of ruby stone is depending on various factors such as below:-

Grading Ranks

In the grading system, there are different categories including AAA, AA, A, B. Rubies belonging to AAA category represent 1% of naturally occurring ruby gemstones and thus are the most expensive stones due to their rarity. Grading of rubies is done by keeping the below mentioned variations:=

  • Color: Color is the main factor which decides the price of natural ruby stone. The ideal color is Pigeon blood ruby. The finest ruby stone must have vibrant red to slightly purplish red tone. The red rubies will catch the highest price in the market. However, the other colours such as orangish or purple will have less value. The color of ruby stone must be open, neither too dark nor extra light color. The dark color will loss brilliance and brightness. In case of light color, the stone boasts lesser price comparatively the other one. 
    • Color of a gemstone depends on Hue means the apparent colour of gemstone. The primary hue of ruby is red. Pigeon blood ruby is the most popular not because its colour is similar to pigeon’s blood but actually it resembles the colour of pigeon’s eye. Its price is about 30.42 million dollars.
    • Saturation refers to intensity of colour. Rubies possessing vivid saturation are more precious.
    • Tone indicates the amount of colour. Mostly medium toned rubies are preferred.
  • What color of Ruby is the most expensive?  The most the vivid red will be , the most price of rubies will be high. Here is type of grading in colors. AAA Grade color will be the most expensive ruby. Whereas B Grade will have less price due to its being dark and less brilliant.  
  • Clarity: During the formation of rubies inside Earth’s crust, mineral impurities are trapped in them which appear as inclusions. Highly priced rubies are graded as VVS (very, very slight) inclusions which are visible only under 10x magnification. Price range of VVS rubies is $30/carat to $3400/carat depending on carat weight.
  • Cut: Sunrise ruby, having a very fine cushion shaped cut, is one of the most expensive ruby gemstones. Others have oval, round or emerald cut. 
  • Carat Weight: One carat weighs about 0.2 grams. Depending on quality, the price of rubies can vary from $1 per carat to more than $1,000,000 per carat.


Transparency refers to the visibility of gemstones. Regardless of inclusions, the brilliance of transparent rubies is excellent. So, transparent rubies are the most expensive.


Origin of best quality rubies is Myanmar (Burma) where chromium rich rubies are found.


Price of rubies licensed by authentic organizations like 

  • IGI ranges from $100 to $50,000 per carat.
  • GIA ranges from a few hundred dollars to more than $1,000,000 per carat.


In case of Burmese Rubies, 

  • Heat treated rubies cost about $12,000 per carat.
  • Unheated rubies’ price is about $35,000 per carat.

Market Demand

The price of rubies can increase or decrease depending on fluctuations in market demand.

Most Expensive Rubies in the World

  • 1- Estrela de Fura

    means star of Fura in Portuguese. 
    • Size: 55.22 carats. 
    • Cut: Cushion shaped 
    • Origin: Mozambique
    • Price: $34.8million ($630,288 per carat)
  1. Sunrise Ruby

    is also called Burmese Pigeon blood Ruby. 
    • Size: 25.59 carat
    • Cut: Cushion shaped
    • Origin: Myanmar
    • Price: $30.42 million
  1. Crimson Flame Ruby 

    • Size: 15.04 carat
    • Cut: Cushion shaped
    • Origin: Myanmar
    • Price: $18.3 million
  1. Jubilee Ruby 

    • Size: 15.99 carat
    • Cut: Oval
    • Origin: Myanmar
    • Price: $14.1 million


Rubies are quite expensive gemstones for their rarity, beauty, elegance and durability. They are considered to be investment gemstones and their value goes on increasing over time. Rubies are expensive gemstones due to their historical importance, rarity, economical factors and strong market influence. Their appeal along with financial benefits mingled with cultural and emotional value are influence the price of rubies. 

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