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Guide to Gems and Minerals Price, Rock Values

The Earth is consisting on a diverse array of gemstones and minerals, each distinguished by its own distinct colors, patterns, crystal structures, and other features. Assigning a precise value to these minerals and gems can be a complex task.

There isn't a fixed standard for determining the prices of natural gems and minerals. Pricing varies based on the demand from buyers and customers. Nevertheless, a collective effort from professionals such as traders, researchers, and sellers influences the establishment of these prices. Below are some tips and guidelines for assessing the value of gems, minerals, and rocks.

  • How intense the colour of a Gems is
  • Luster / Brilliance of gemstones
  • Size of gems and minerals
  • Terms of Transparency
  • Shape
  • structure of Crystals
  • Presence of Matrix
  • Environment in which Formation of Crystals happened
  • Combination of different gems on one mineral 
  • Brilliance
  • Demand of a gem
  • Location
  • How much the gems or Mineral is rare that means rarity

Intensity of Colour

The color of a gem is crucial in determining its value. The greater the intensity, depth, and brightness of the color, the higher the value of the gem or mineral. Vibrant colors enhance their aesthetic appeal.

Luster pertains to the brightness of a gem's upper surface. Luster is another aspect that contributes to the valuation of a gem.

Size of Gems and Minerals
Size plays a crucial role in determining the price of a gemstone. Generally, the larger the size, the higher the value of the gem. However, it's rare to find gem-quality stones in large sizes, especially in the case of sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and other rare gemstones. When such gems do come in larger sizes, they tend to attract significant demand, leading to heightened interest from buyers.

These exceptional gems, when found in larger sizes, are often showcased in exhibitions either as cut stones or mineral specimens. A large-sized quartz and amethyst can be observed at events like the Tuscon Gem Show. Despite being semi-precious, these gems never fail to get attention of the potential buyers due to their impressive sizes nd beauty.

Kashmir Sapphire

Quality of Transparency
Transparency plays a crucial role in defining the value and price of a gemstone. Gems with high transparency allow light to pass through them more effectively, enhancing their brilliance after cutting. The clarity of a gemstone is a key factor in determining its transparency.

Shape of Crystals
Shape is a crucial aspect in the evaluation of both cut gemstones and raw mineral specimens. Cut gems are available in a variety of shapes such as oval, round, square, emerald, pear drop, triangular, rectangular, and more. Similarly, mineral specimens are characterised by the complete shape of crystals types on their matrix. The completeness and termination of a crystal greatly influence its value, with fully formed crystals holding higher worth.

Presence of Matrix
In mineral specimens, the matrix plays a crucial role. It not only enhances the beauty of a specimen but also provides valuable clues about the geological formation of crystals. For instance, consider the Satankala tourmaline with quartz on feldspar as an example.

Complete Formation of a Crystal

Crystals ideally should be intact and in terminated form. However, the use of dynamite during mining often leads to breakage in the stones, resulting in the loss of many precious crystals. Maintaining the correct formation is crucial for preserving the value of a mineral.

Specimen should be Damage Free
Gemstones and minerals are susceptible to damage during the mining process. Occasionally, even highly valuable gems are broken due to mishandling. The same holds true for mineral specimens. Therefore, it is essential to handle gems and minerals with care to prevent potential fractures, cracks, or other damages that could diminish their value. Repairing such damages typically decreases the price of these items.

Location of a Stone 
Location often plays a significant role in the perceived value of gems and minerals. For instance, a ruby gains prestige when associated with Burma, and a blue sapphire from Kashmir commands higher value. Gems like Paraiba Tourmaline from Brazil, Herkimer Diamond Quartz from New York, Emeralds from Colombia, Swat, and Panjsheir, and Peridots from Supat Mine in Pakistan are deemed more valuable and fetch higher prices due to their origins. It's noteworthy that similar qualities and colors can be found in other locations as well.

Demands of Gems and Minerals in the Market

Demand operates as a fundamental principle across all domains. The greater the demand for a product or service, the higher its perceived value and corresponding price. This principle extends to the realms of both gems and minerals. Market trends play a crucial role in shaping and defining demand within these sectors.

Rarity of a Stone 

Additionally, rarity often determines value, with numerous collectors favoring scarce rocks and minerals.

What causes in lowering the value of a gem, rocks and minerals? 

Here are listed below some factors causing in degradation of a gems and minerals.

  • - Dyeing, glass filling, irradiation, and heat treatments all diminish value.
  • - Prohibition on fracture filling via methods like glass, oil, or resin; minor oil treatment is globally accepted for Emeralds due to their brittle nature.
  • - Artificially altering crystal shapes decreases their worth.
  • - Polishing mineral specimens reduces their value.
  • - Fixing glue on crystals in mineral specimens also decreases both their value and price.

In addition to the factors mentioned above, numerous other considerations contribute to determining the pricing of gems and minerals. We'll continue to share additional insights and information about gems, rocks, and minerals.

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