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Ruby the July Birthstone - is Ruby The Rarest birthstone?

Ruby the July Birthstone - is Ruby The Rarest birthstone?

Is ruby stone is really a rare birthstone? yes Gem quality ruby is extremely rare. You will see lot of ruby stones in the market but clean and having good color is not common.

Birthstones for June; Moonstone, Alexandrite, Pearl

What are birthstones of June? Read an interning sticke about moonstone as a birthstone of June.
June Birthstone: Moonstone

June Birthstone: Moonstone, Pearls, and Alexandrite - Meaning and Significance

June is popular for three birthstones: pearls, moonstone, and alexandrite. Each gemstone is distinctive and popular because of its unique characteristics. Pearl is while, Blue Moon fashy and Alexanderite is color change
Emerald May Stone Birthstone: Guide to Emerald History and Meaning

Emerald May Stone Birthstone: Guide to Emerald History and Meaning

Emerald is a precious stone which is green variety of beryl. Emerald is a May Birthstone and popular for its lush green color which is associated to landscape and greenery of plants. What other meanings and significance of the emerald stones? learn with us more about emerald stones.
Quartz is an Alternate Birthstone of April

Quartz is an Alternative Birthstone of April

Quartz is another alternative birthstone for the month of April apart from Diamond. Quartz is widely found around the world in many forms. Read about quartz crystals more regarding history, properties, meaning....
Diamond April Birthstone: What are Other Alternatives of April Birthstone?

Diamond April Birthstone: What are Other Alternatives of April Birthstone?

What are other alternatives of diamond birthstone as an April Birthstone. There are other white stone list also. Read about them.
aquamarine march birthstone

What is March Birth Stone?- Learn about Aquamarine

For centuries, Aquamarine has gained renown for its vivid blue hue. This gem, associated with the March birthstone, is widely embraced for crafting jewelry dedicated to the month of March. Revered for its perceived healing properties that nurture inner peace, Aquamarine is frequently adorned with diamonds in various jewelry designs.
Blue Tanzanite Birthstone for December | Tanzanite Stone Folklores

Blue Tanzanite Birthstone for December | Tanzanite Stone Folklores

Tanzanite was discovered relatively recently in 1967 in the Merelani Hills near Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. It has captured the hearts of enthusiasts worldwide. Its unique allure and captivating colours have earned it a special place as a birthstone, particularly associated with the month of December..
blue zircon birthstone | natural blue zircon

What is Zircon Gemstone? About December Birthstone Zircon Stone

Introduction of Zircon Birthstone? Zircon Gemstones are generally recognized as birthstones for December. natural blue zircon stones are popular for their rare blue color. white zircon stones are set in jewelry in place of diamonds due to high dispersion of light. zircon stone price varies from quality, size, clarity.
Citrine November Birthstone jewelry-A Golden Choice

Citrine November Birthstone jewelry-A Golden Choice

Embracing the warm hues of autumn, November introduces us to the radiant gemstone known as Citrine. This captivating birthstone, with its vibrant yellow and orange tones, beautifully symbolizes the transitional phase between the autumnal equinox and winter solstice. Beyond its seasonal significance, Citrine holds a special place in the realm of love, serving as the traditional gift for the 13th wedding anniversary. Delve into the rich tapestry of Citrine's meaning and history, as we explore the profound connection between this gem and the moments it adorns
topaz birthstone

Know about November Birthstone Topaz | Imperial Topaz London | Blue Topaz

Introduction of Topaz as Birthstone The name Topaz is derived from Topazio on the name of small island in Red Sea. In Sanskrit, it was called as Tapas or Topas which means fire. Topaz is the traditional November birthstone. Topaz Birthstone Meaning and History During the Renaissance era in Europe, it was believed topaz could break magic spells and suppress anger. In Hindus, it is regarded as a sacred stone associated with wisdom and longevity of life, beauty and intelligence. African priests regarded topaz as sacred stone having healing powers using it their healing rituals. Ancient Greeks believe in the strengthening powers of topaz. The Ural Mountains of Russia are the major sources of topaz, and a recent variant pinkish stone is being mined there named as imperial topaz and is crowned and honoured by Russian kings. Topaz Stone Properties / Chemical / Technical Properties of Topaz Gemstone Chemical Formula Al2SiO4(F, OH)2 Colour White, Colourless, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Pink, Purple, Gray, Multicoloured. Hardness 8 on Mohn Hardness Scale Refractive Index 1.610 - 1.638 Streak White Crystal System Orthorhombic Habit Crystalline, Coarse, Massive, Granular Luster Vitreous Cleavage 1,3 - basal Transparency Transparent Fracture Uneven Tenacity Fragile, but has the ability to resist breakage Group Silicates Rock Type Rhyolite, Granite, Pegmatite   Where Topaz stones is found? Give some details of countries and locations? Brazil, in Itinga and Virgem da Lapa in Jequitinhonha Valley, Minas Gerais. Russia, in Ural Mountains. Sri Lanka, in Matale, Balangoda, Sjgiriya. Nigeria, in Jenta, Akwanga in Nasarawa State and Jos Plateau Region. Unites States, in San Diego County, California, Thomas Mountain Range of Utah, Pikes Peak, Colorado, Llano Uplift Region of Texas. Pakistan, in Katlang, Mardan District and Gilgit Baltistan. Mexico, in Oujela Mine in Durango. Austraila, in Carins Region in Queensland. How Topaz Stone get its colors? What are other colors of topaz stones? Topaz occurs in a wide variety of colours however, the natural variants occur in colourless form. Highly esteemed and chehrished are red and pink, received from minute amount of chromium. Topaz is allochromatic i.e. it gets its colour from the impurities and elements in the crystal structure. Major element responsible for the colour of topaz is chromium and causes natural pink, red, violet – to- pink. Impurities and intersitial as well as structural imperfections at atomic level produces yellow, brown and blue colour. The gem has a variant called smoky topaz having brown colour. Another variant known as imperial topaz is highly regarded one beacuse of orange to orange – red colour. The natural blue topaz is very rare. Azotic topaz is a orange – pink topaz having rainbow like effect. Rutilated topaz, another variant, is a yellow needle like inclusion of mineral limonite. Swiss Blue topaz has a sky blue colour. What are Geological and Geographic Occurrences of Topaz? The chemical formula of topaz is Al2SiO4(F,OH)2, fluorine being the limiting element in its structure. Topaz occurs in the  Igneous rocks, cavities of pegmatite and intergranular spaces of rhyolite.  In steam sediments and mines. Topaz is formed in the specific geographical locations: Magmatic formation in igneous rocks and certain volcanic rocks. Hydrothermal formation by hydrothermal fluids containing elements like aluminium, silicon and fluorine. Metamorphic formation under extreme heat and pressure. Topaz price guidelines . Value of Topaz Stone High quality topaz under 1 carat costs betwen $7 to $18 per carat. 1 – 2 carat stones cost between $15 to $25 per carat. Larger stones cost $25 + per carat. Imperial topaz costs between $100 to $1000 per carat. The value range of topaaz depends on hues, tones and saturation. Higher the saturation and darker tone cost high per carat. Prices of topaz on basis of colour and variants are  Swiss Blue Topaz = $7 to $20 per carat. London Blue Topaz = $10 to $25 per carat. Golden Yellow Imperial Topaz =  $70 to $250 per carat. Pink Topaz = $200 to $500 per carat. Blue Topaz Cabochons = $5 to $25 per carat. Topaz  CARE & CLEANING Topaz rates 8 hardness on Mohns Hardness Scale. It is sensitive to high heat and sudden temperature changes. However, the colour of the stone is relatively stable to light, but in the presence of intense  light the colour fades to yellow brown, reddish brown and dark brown. Chemicals may have a slight effect on topaz. While cleaning topaz, steam and ultrasound waves must be avoided. The best to use is warm soapy water with a mild detergent or non abrasive jewellery cleanser. Traditional meaning and myths about Topaz Stone / Healing Properties of Topaz Traditionally it is believed that topaz possess the power of sun. In Egyptian tradition, it symbolizes the Sun God. Ancient Egyptians believed it as the powerful stone. Hindus have a belief that the stone has protective abilities and that could protect from burning and also protects health and beauty. African priests considered it as a sacred gemstone having healing powers. Greeks and Romans believed in the strengthening powers of topaz. Europeans also regarded it as the God of the Sun. In ancient era, people beleive topaz can decrease inflammation, swelling and heals eyesight. Topaz has been linked to moon and it was a common belief that healing power and colour intensity vairies with the lunar phases. Topaz is also associated with good fortune and love.  Topaz Stone in Jewelry? Topaz is a gifted and versatile gemstone used in the jewellery. Its is used in: Rings as the center stone or accent stone usually with blue variant. Necklace and Pendants with the intricate designs. Earrings from simple designs to the intricate elaborated chandelier designs. Bracelets such as tennis bracelets. Multi Gemstone Jewellery paired with other gemstones such as amethyst, citrine, peridot producing variety of designs. Birthstone jewellery including rings, necklace, bracelets. Custom designs according to individual preferences. Statement Jewellery like cock tail rings, bold necklaces and bracelets using large sized stones.
September Birthstone! Lapis Lazuli Stone Meaning, History, Symbolism, and More

September Birthstone! Lapis Lazuli Stone Meaning, History, Symbolism, and More

Lapis Lazuli, the September birthstone, boasts a deep blue allure and have stories back to Pyramid. Its unique meanings and symbolism makes it a choice for September-born individuals.


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