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10 Benefits you are buying Emeralds from Direct Emerald Sources

Emeralds are one of the big three precious gemstones i.e Emeralds, Ruby and Sapphires. These three stones are called precious gemstones and thus the most valuable stones among colored stones due to their color and rarity. When purchasing emeralds, it's important to consider the direct source from where you can buy on good price with genuine stones purchases. One can get lot of multiple benefits from direct sources of emerald stones. Having direct source of stones, one can offer enhance purchasing experience. This will ensure also that you are buying the best quality emerald stones from the direct source. Here are following 5 benefits of buying emeralds from direct sources:-

1. Go to Direct Source for Assurance of 100% Natural Stones:-

When someone buys emeralds from direct source, the first and formost benefits you get is to get 100% genuine stones. There are least chances that you will get fake stones or in other words, chances of buying fake stones becomes very very low. Direct source of stones can be three types:- mine owner, the contractor who work on the gemstone mines and the wholesale dealer who buys from the mine on auctions. It is likely to get genuine stones from these sources as they will have direct contact to the earthly reserves. From direct source, you will have a peace of mind knowing that you are investing in a valuable and genuine gemstone. 

2. Can Avail Transparency and Ethical Sourcing:

Direct Sources often have a transparent supply chain. One can easily understand and trace the origin of stones. Thus they are ensured that stones are ethically sourced. Mostly buyers want surety of ethical practices in gemstone community. Gemstones are supposed to use in smuggling also. In order to avoid such up-hazards, the buyers want to focus on ethical source of the stones. Sourcing directly from the source minimize such risks involvement. 

3. One Can Get The Best Deals and Best Price

Buying or purchasing directly from the main source will help you in reducing cost. You can get good deals in gemstones buying from direct source especially in raw gemstones. Contacting the direct source by eliminating middlemen, you can save money on your purchases of stones. You can get best quality gemstones within your budget.

4. Disclosure and Guarantees Will help you to build Trust 

A mine owner or a manufacturer of cut stones can honestly disclose the treatment done on the stones. There are many ways where emeralds are treated such as minor oil, moderate oil, or resin filled.These treatments are done to enhance color and clarity. The direct source will definitely help you in disclosing treatments done or not. The Stone value is decided on the level of treatment a gemological certificate declares. For example, a “No-oil” AA (medium-high quality) emerald can charge 1.5-2x more than a “moderate treatment” AAA (top quality) emerald. 

5. Enhance Hands-on Learning and Knowledge

By involvement of direct source for stones, one can learn a lot. The main source is directly involved in the mining or supply from mine. Therefore they have the best knowledge about geology of region, mineral formation and other associated minerals found in the same areas. This will give you the best knowledge ever. This knowledge will also help you in understanding mineral and gemstone identifications. 

6. Chance for Customisation or Custom Work

The direct emerald sources may offer customization options for your gemstone purchase. He can make a mixed parcel within your budget or offer you many options to customized your deals. So far as cut emeralds are concerned, the manufacturer can create for you specific cut, in your desired sizes which will be suitable emeralds settings for your jewelry. This will help you to create a truly unique piece of jewelry that reflects your unique taste. 

7. Direct Source Shows Variety of Stones Choices

Having direct contact with the source, one can have lot of choices in selection of the emerald stones. There will be different qualities in emerald stones. You can choose your required choice or mix different choices. Direct source helps you in the selection of wider variety. 

8. Support

Direct source normally helps the businesses to move forward. On the other hand, you can support many local small businesses by purchasing from direct source who are usually away from the online world. This is especially for those who mine the gemstones. 

9. Build Long Term Relationships

Having relying on main source or buying from main source, one will have to build long term opportunity to build long term relationships with the gemstone dealers. You dont need to look here and there and waste your time. Especially emerald stones are precious stones which are short always and have low production around the world. Therefore if one gets a direct source of emerald stones, try to build long term relationships with them. 

10. Direct source will show You New Production fast

After building long term relationships with the direct source, they will always will be ready to share with you the fresh product according to your taste. Whenever seasonal mining emeralds will come every year, they will try their best to share the stuff with you. In this way, you will have chance to buy the fresh mined emerald stones. 

There must be many factors which you have to face while contacting direct source of emerald stones such as language barrier, or logistical issues. You can do research to cater such issues. Practically, buying directly from source may not apply to all type of stones. However in precious stones like green emerald stones, it becomes essential. 

In conclusion, buying the real green emerald gemstones from direct sources have lot of benefits. This includes genuine, authenticity, quality assurance, transparency, competitive pricing, custom options. By choosing to purchase from direct emerald sources, you can enjoy a rewarding purchasing experience while investing in a valuable gemstone and make money.

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    Rajaannamala Rajaannamala | Apr 25, 2024

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