Unlocking Affordable Gemstone Prices: Explore FolkmarketGems Store

Unlocking Affordable Gemstone Prices: Explore FolkmarketGems Store

1- Intro of Folkmarketgems: International Wholesale Crystals and Gems Suppliers

Welcome to the universe of 100% natural gemstones, where beauty and budget come togather seamlessly! At Folkmarket Gems, we're excited to be your companions on this gemstone business, showcasing a selection of gemstones prized for their stunning charm and affordability. 

Folkmarket take pride for being an international wholesale crystals and gems suppliers. We offer authentic, quality gemstones to very type of customers worldwide. In this comprehensive guide, we'll deliver  into the finest gemstones, providing insights to assist you in making well-informed choices for your next purchase.

 2- Importance of Affordable Gemstones

To minimize expenses, it's crucial to acquire gemstones that align with your budget and adhere to market value. This entails conducting thorough research to find reputable suppliers whose prices neither exceed market rates nor undervalue gemstones. In either scenario, there's potential for loss: overpriced gemstones may yield minimal or no profit, while undervalued ones raise suspicions about authenticity.

Folkmarketgems is dedicated to meeting your requirements. We take pride in offering exclusively 100% natural and authentic gemstones. One key advantage of our products is their authenticity, coupled with direct access to miners. Particularly with gemstones sourced from Pakistan and Afghanistan, we procure them firsthand through our gemstone hunting expeditions, visiting mining sites. Discover more about our gems hunting expeditions here...

In Pakistan, we have direct access to mines, enabling us to produce gems using cost-effective labor and materials. This approach allows us to offer our stones and crystals at more affordable rates. We try our best that these gemstones should always meet today's standards for cut, color, and clarity in cut form and in rough gemstones, they still possess beauty and are enriched with unique histories.

3. What are Wide Range of Gemstones Available at Folkmarketgems?

Here are listed, some more popular gemstones which Folkmarketgems offers:- Here is the detail of each gemstones that why they are affordable and how can you purchase from our store. They are selected as list of popular gemstones after analysing the customer behavior. 

1- Emeralds

Emerald is a precious stone and the most demanding

stone ever around the world. It is one of the top three precious stones i,e emerald, ruby sapphires. We are specialized in making links to the direct emerald mining across Pakistan, notably in Chitral, Swat, and Gilgit. We also source our natural emeralds from the Panjshir region of Afghanistan.

We extend our services to both individual buyers seeking emerald stones and wholesale purchasers. Our pricing structure is designed to accommodate a diverse range of budgets and order sizes. We have every type of range in emerald stones such as small deal to big wholesale deals. We have various colors in emeralds from light green to vivid rich green. Colors of Emeralds available with us in raw and cut stones.


Emerald Stone Prices vary widely, starting from as low as $5 per carat for commercial grade or wholesale opaque emeralds, and going up to $450 per carat for facet-grade raw emeralds. Our store offers a range of cut emerald stone options, including singles, pairs, small deals, and big deals, catering to both retailers and wholesalers with pricing options to suit their budgets.

We guarantee that all emeralds listed with us are 100% natural and have never undergone any major treatment. However, due to their soft and brittle nature, emeralds may receive minor treatment with baby oil during mining or extraction to protect them from the surrounding environment. This treatment can be easily removed with acetone.

2- Rubies

We get rubies from different places like Burma (Myanmar), Kashmir, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Madagascar, and Mozambique. We have two types of rubies to sell: cut ones and rough ones. Cut rubies are already shaped nicely, while rough rubies haven't been shaped yet. We make sure all our rubies are natural, meaning they haven't been changed by people.

Colors of Rubies

Our rubies come in different colors. Some are a deep red, like pigeon blood. Others are pink, and some are a bright red. Ruby stone prices are one of the most in gemstone world. Rubies go from $$ to $$$$$ due to rarity. 

We've just introduced a fresh addition to our collection: the latest variety of Kashmir Rubies. Renowned for their strong fluorescence and predominantly pigeon-blood color, reminiscent of those from Myanmar.

We want to offer our customers a wide variety to choose from, so they can find the perfect ruby for them. Whether you're looking for a ruby with a rich red color or a softer pink hue, we have something for everyone. Our goal is to make sure our customers are happy with their purchase, so we're always here to help answer any questions they might have about our rubies or anything else.

3- Sapphires

We obtain sapphires from various locations such as Burma (Myanmar), Sri Lanka, Thailand,  Afghanistan, Pakistan (specifically Fata, Hunza and Skardu regions), Madagascar, and Mozambique and from other locations of the world. Our inventory caters to buyers seeking both cut and rough sapphires, ensuring that all gems are entirely natural. Sapphires are available in a spectrum of colors, including yellow, pink, blue, purplish, and pink hues.

Cut sapphires are already shaped and polished, while rough sapphires retain their natural, unrefined form. Sapphires are offered in various forms, including loose stones, raw sapphires for faceting, lapidary work, cabochons, beads, pendants, and a wide array of sapphire jewelry. We provide a range of pricing options and deals, catering to different budgets and preferences, with offerings varying from the lowest-priced parcels to higher-quality and larger quantity options.

We prioritize the authenticity of our gems, guaranteeing that they have not undergone any artificial treatment. Our objective is to offer customers a multiple range of options, ensuring that they find the perfect sapphire to suit their preferences. Whether you want to buy the vibrant blue shades of sapphires or the pink sapphires, we aim to provide what you need. Our team is dedicated to assisting customers and addressing any inquiries they may have, ensuring a satisfying purchasing experience.

4- Kashmir Sapphires

As a direct source from the mines in Pakistan's

Azad Kashmir, we specialize in Kashmir sapphires, available in a range of colors including purple, purplish-pink, pink, blue, and bluish tones. Our offerings cater to customers in various forms, from rough stones to cut shapes, providing flexibility to buyers in their preferences.

Kashmir Sapphire is the most rare variety of sapphires. Blue Kashmir is extremely rare stone now a days. The mine of Kashmir from Batakundi, Pakistan is producing mostly bluish purple, p

urplish blue, pinkish red, reddish purple. 


With a focus on transparency and authenticity, we ensure that our sapphires retain their natural beauty and characteristics. Whether customers seek the raw allure of rough stones or the refined elegance of cut shapes, we strive to meet their needs. Our commitment to quality extends from the sourcing process to the final product, ensuring satisfaction for all our buyers.

5- Aquamarine

Aquamarine stones are sourced from various regions including Pakistan, Brazil, Afghanistan, and Africa. We provide both cut and rough options to our buyers, ensuring versatility in their selection process. Our gem hunting team remains closely connected with aquamarine miners especially in Nagar Valley and Skardu Pakistan.

We value our customers and ready to guiding them to choose the perfect aquamarine stone that aligns with their preferences and requirements. Whether customers prefer the refined finish of cut stones or the raw beauty of rough ones, we strive to accommodate their needs.

Deal of Aquamarine rough crystals for your collection

The Aquamarine stone price is contingent upon factors such as cut, clarity, and size, with color being a significant determinant. Online, Aquamarine can be purchased ranging from $10 per carat to $250 per carat for loose stones. Meanwhile, the price of raw Aquamarine varies based on parcel type, size, and clarity. Rare forms of Aquamarine specimens can fetch prices ranging from $$ to $$$$$, reflecting their distinctive structures and shapes.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction drives us to maintain transparent communication and offer a wide range of options. With our expertise and personalized assistance, we aim to make the aquamarine stone buying experience a seamless and fulfilling one for every customer.

6- Topaz

Topaz deposits are discovered in various locations, including Pakistan, Brazil, Madagascar, Myanmar (Burma), Sri Lanka, Russia, and China. We provide both rough and cut topaz options to cater to different buyer preferences. Our offerings range from rough stones suitable for cutting to finished cut stones for direct purchase. Additionally, our team remains closely engaged with customers throughout the selection process, ensuring that they find the best topaz selection to meet their specific needs and preferences.

Variety of Topaz Available with us in rough facet grade, loose stones and other forms.

  1. Swiss blue topaz 
  2. London Blue Topaz 
  3. White Topaz
  4. Katlang Imperial pink topaz 
  5. Imperial Topaz
  6. Skardu Topaz brownish 

Whether customers seek the natural beauty of rough topaz or the refined elegance of cut stones, we strive to offer a diverse range of options. With our commitment to personalized service and customer satisfaction, we aim to make the topaz buying experience enjoyable and rewarding for every customer.

7- Tourmaline

Tourmaline stone is primarily mined in direct mines in Sukurdu, Pakistan, as well as in Afghanistan, Brazil, and various regions across Africa, such as Madagascar and Mozambique.

We specialise in sourcing these tourmaline gems and specimens from these diverse locations to offer our customers a wide range of options. We have facet grade raw tourmaline stones, loose tourmalines, cabochons and specimens. Following type of tourmaline is available with us.

Whether you're looking for exquisite gem-quality tourmaline or unique specimens, our inventory caters to your needs. With our direct access to mines and extensive sourcing network, we ensure the authenticity and quality of our tourmaline products. Our commitment to providing customers with exceptional gems and specimens drives us to maintain close relationships with suppliers worldwide. We're dedicated to helping you find the perfect tourmaline piece, whether for collection, jewelry, or display.

8- Garnets

Garnet stones are predominantly mined in Kohistan, Pakistan, renowned for its rare variety of colors and specimens. Additionally, garnets are sourced from Afghanistan, Africa, Madagascar, and Mozambique. Our expertise lies in procuring these garnet gems and specimens from these varied locations. Folkmarketgems offers following type of garnets 

Type of Garnets available with Folkmarketgems

  1. Facet Grade raw garnets
  2. Medium grade rough garnet stones for lapidary work
  3. Loose Garnets for jewelry designing
  4. Garnet cabpchons and tumbles
  5. Loose raw rare garnet crystals and specimens for collectors
  6. Garnet Pendants
  7. Garnet Jewelry

We specialize in offering a diverse range of garnet options, from exquisite gemstones to unique specimens. With our commitment to sourcing from reputable mines and ensuring quality, we provide customers with authentic and exceptional garnets. Do you want gem-quality garnets or fascinating specimens for collection or display?, our garnet stone inventory caters to your needs. We take pride in our ability to offer a wide selection of garnets sourced from different parts of the world, providing customers with unparalleled choices and opportunities to find their perfect piece.

9- Peridots

Gem-quality peridot is primarily mined in Pakistan, known for its exceptionally unique and rare rich green colors.

Additionally, peridot is sourced from various other countries such as Africa and China. Our expertise lies in the meticulous sourcing of these peridot gemstones. We provide a diverse selection of peridot options, ranging from pale green to apple green to olivine green peridots. We also offer rare varieties such as Ludwigite-included peridots.

Our collection includes peridots from Kohistan,

Buy rare Ludwigite Including Peridots  loose stones

Pakistan, renowned for their rich color, size, and clarity. As we are closely connected to the source, our prices for raw and loose peridots are set through direct purchasing, eliminating intermediaries. This ensures that you obtain peridot prices directly from the mine.

With our commitment to sourcing from reputable mines and ensuring top-notch quality, we provide customers with authentic and exquisite peridots. Whether you're seeking vibrant green hues or other rare color variations, our inventory caters to your preferences. We take pride in our ability to offer a wide selection of peridots sourced from different parts of the world, providing customers with unparalleled choices and opportunities to find their perfect gemstone.

10- Quartz Varieties 

Gem-quality quartz and quartz specimens are predominantly mined in Pakistan, renowned for their rare variety of colors and unique specimens.Pakistan has one of the rarest varities of quartz such as below:-

  1. rare Petroleum included diamond quartz
  2. Double terminated Diamond quartz
  3. Rare Faden Quartz Crystals
  4. Rutile included quartz crystals
  5. Smoky Quartz
  6. Window Quartz
  7. Milky Quartz
  8. Chlorine Included Quartz

Mostly quartz varieties are found in Baluchistan province of Pakistan. We can provide provide industrial grade quartz also which is used in particular industry such as electronics.

We provide multiple range of quartz options, each showcasing its distinctive characteristics. With our commitment to sourcing from reputable mines and ensuring authenticity of the stones,  we provide customers with 100% natural quartz products. Whether you are a buyer searching for rare variety of quartz or fascinating specimens for collectors, or want to create beautiful jewelry designs from quartz crystals, Folkmarketgems will provide you. We take pride in our ability to offer a diverse selection of quartz sourced from different parts of the world, providing customers with unparalleled choices and opportunities to find their perfect gemstone or specimen.

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