Natural Emerald Price per carat: Is Emerald an Expensive Gem?

Is Emerald Very Expensive Stone? Emerald Gem Price per carat

Emerald is one of the three most expensive gemstones, the other three being diamonds, Sapphires and rubies. 

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Emeralds are one of the most fascinating gems. Because of unique features, the price of the stone is the foremost question that comes to every person’s mind. The answer to this question will let the purchaser to set his budget for the stone by keeping a keen eye on the price and authenticity of the stone.

It is Desire of people making Emerald more Expensive. What are they?

Symbolism: Emeralds are the symbol of prosperity, hope, truth, love, peace and harmony.

Attractive Beauty: Emeralds are well known for their unparalleled vibrant green hue. When used in jewelry,  their luminosity evokes a sense of serenity in the wearer.

Historical Value: Ancient Egyptians believed in the power of the uniqueness of the stone and always symbolised it as eternal life. The Ancient Greeks believe in the love, harmony and good fortune associated with the stone. Emeralds have always been worn by Hindu Royal families.

Rarity and Uniqueness: The rarity of emeralds is 20 times more as compared to diamonds. Particularly eye-clean emeralds are the rarest gemstones. This rarity and uniqueness makes emerald more expensive.

Favourite for Jewellery Designers: Emeralds due to their attractive green color, luminance and rarity are one of the most sought-after stones by the jewelers. Emeralds are often used as center stones in necklaces and rings.

Market Performance and Liquidity: Emeralds are the high ranking demanded stones and thus offer several profitable opportunities for investment.

How much is an Emerald worth?

The price range of the emeralds per carat are as follows:

0.25 - 1.00 carat = $400.00 - $5000.00 per carat

1.00 carat – 5.00 carat = $2200.00 - $15000.00 per carat

5.00 carat – 8.00+ carat = $3500.00 - $25000.00 per carat

Per Carat Price of Emerald varies depending upon various factors:

Various factors determine the per carat price of emerald:

Grading Ranks:

Emeralds are graded as Natural AAA, AA, A, B. The AAA category accounts for 10% of the best quality naturally occuring stones. Grade B emeralds are of low quality due to the presence of eye visible inclusions which makes them cost cheaper. vivid green loose emerald stone

Grading depends on 4Cs:

  1. Colour: The colour of emerald is a hue of unique green and is three dimensional. Emerald has a narrow colour spectrum from bluish green to green, with transparency. The intense green hued emeralds are highly demanded and have high market value.

Emerald prices by colour are as

Bluish green to green: $60 - $10,000

Yellowish green: $40 - $6000

Pale green: $30 - $500

Trapiche emerald: $40 - $1800
Cat’s eye emerald: $150 - $2000

  1.  Clarity: Clarity of emerald constitute the natural inclusions. However, the high-quality emeralds manifest perfect clarity.
  2.  Cut: The cut of emerald determines its perfect symmetry, shape, materialization. Some of the famous emerald cuts are oval, round and pear shaped cuts. The high-quality cuts enhance the price value per carat.
  3. Carat Weight: High quality and larger emeralds hold high market price. Prices range from as low as $30 to as high as $2000. 

Learn about how emeralds are faceted?

Origin: Colombia, Brazil, Zambia are some of the well-known sources in terms of the saturated green coloured stone, and transparency. Colombian emeralds are of high value ranging $60 to $10,000 per carat or may be upto $100,000 per carat.

Treatment: Prices from Zambia origin is

        Oiled = $151.50

        Un-Treated = $654

Market Demand: Price of emeralds varies depending on fluctuations in demand and supply.

Most Expensive Emeralds in the World

The Bahia Emerald

Price: $400 million 

Weight in carats:180,000 carats

Origin:Bahia, Brazil

Cartier Emerald and Diamond Necklace

Price: $9.914million

Weight in carats:108.74

Elizabeth Taylor’s Bulgari Emerald Brooch

 Price: $6.578million

Material used: Diamond, Platinum, big emerald stone.

House of Boghossian Necklace

Price: $5.96million

Material used: Bright green emerald leaves, Diamonds

Rockefeller Emerald

Price: $5.511million

Material used: Platinum, 18 carat emerald

Emerald and Diamond Ring

Price: $4.645million

Weight: 61.35 carat



Emeralds are the most expensive stones owing to their rarity and qualities. All the factors i.e. colour, clarity, cut, per carat weight determine the quality and durability of the stone which ultimately make emeralds the most valuable and most highly priced stones in gems market.

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