Beyond Rubies: The Charisma of August's Spinel Birthstone Delights

Beyond Rubies: The Charisma of August's Spinel Birthstone Delights

Spinel Birthstone of August; Beyond Rubies 

The spinel gemstone is the birthstone for the month of August exuding its brilliance and beauty to those born during this time. With its rich history, captivating properties and deep-rooted myths the spinel birthstone holds a special place in the realm of gemstones. 

Spinels are oftenly taken as rubies due to their resemblance with striking red colors. However, their are some characteristics which set the spinels and rubies apart from each others. However, spinels still challenge the ruby due to their fiery red hue in red color variety of spinels. 

Spinel Vs Rubies Stones

Rubies are varieties of corudnum mineral. Corundum hardness is 9 which make them exceptionally ideal for jewelry which withstands daily water. However, spinels boasts wide range of colors and brilliance. Spinel formula MgAl2Ois rare gemstone. The crystal structure of spinel is face centered cubic symmetry. The mineral corundum is a crystalline form of alumina Al2O3. Rubies and Sapphires have hexagonal crystal structure with trigonal marks over them in rough form. 

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However, both rubies and spinels deserve attraction and admiration for their individual characteristics. Comparatively ruby, spinels are underrated gemstones which require the world's recognition among the jewelry designers. 

Spinel Birthstone Meaning

Spinel is renowned for its charming variety of colours ranging from fiery reds to vibrant blues stunning pinks to deep purples and even mesmerising blacks. The name spinel is derived from the Latin word "spina" which means "thorn" likely referencing the pointed crystal formations found in the gemstone. 

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Spinel Lore and History

For more than a millennium, Spinel, a gemstone resembling Ruby and Sapphire in color, has confounded experts due to their akin hues and shared mining locales. Numerous prized antique "Rubies" eventually proved to be Red Spinels. Despite being scarcer than Rubies of similar color, Red Spinel often doesn't get the recognition it deserves.

A prime example of this mix-up is seen in the 170ct Black Prince "ruby," adorning the Imperial State Crown of Great Britain alongside the renowned 317.40ct Cullinan II diamond. This historic misidentification underscores the ongoing confusion, as the gem presumed to be a Ruby is, in reality, a vivid red Spinel.

Spinel Healing Properties

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, spinel is believed to possess various healing properties. It is said to provide revitalising energy to the body and mind promoting physical and emotional well-being. Spinel Stones is also thought to enhance courage, increase self-confidence and inspire creativity. As a protective stone spinel is revered for its ability to shield its wearer from negative energies providing a sense of tranquillity and grounding. 

Spinel Stone Myths

Long ago, spinel held a mystical allure, believed to safeguard its wearer from harm, repel malevolent forces, and usher in prosperity. Legends abound of spinel's ability to imbue its possessor with resilience, intellect, and sagacity.

Furthermore, spinel is intertwined with notions of romance and fervor, reputed to kindle devotion, fortify bonds, and evoke sensations of love and longing. In certain tales, spinel is said to possess the capacity to mend fractured hearts, fostering emotional restoration and rekindling affection.


The spinel birthstone of August is an attractive and eye catching gemstone with a rich history and intriguing symbolism. With its wide range of colours and mesmerising beauty, Spinel stone exudes its own unique charm. Its healing properties and mythical associations add to its allure making it a cherished gemstone for those born in August and beyond. Whether worn as jewellery or cherished for its symbolism the spinel birthstone remains an extraordinary gemstone appreciated for its deep-rooted significance.

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