Why ruby rank in investment?

Why ruby gemstone rank in the investment? What you say about this gemstone and mineral?

Though diamonds comes first in investment, however, investing in precious gemstones can give you a profitable return and sometimes more than diamonds. Ruby is one of top 3 precious gemstones about which gemstone dealers are ready to invest. They keep the ruby on top ranking. Natural top quality ruby is rare and more valuable. Gemstones buyers rank the ruby gemstone at the top ranking for investment. Ruby is definitely investment grade gem. Why ruby gemstone rank in the investment? What do you say about this gemstone and mineral? Let us have a look at some points.

Why ruby is considered top ranking for investment?

Gem dealers keep ruby at top ranking in terms of investment. Because ruby is a rare gemstone. The clear and good colour ruby is extremely rare. This holds a better position in the market than diamond even. Ruby has a good market value and market demands better price than diamonds and other gemstones. If you are going to buy ruby or red corundum, there are many points which should be kept in mind.

Some of them are here under:-


The first thing before buying ruby is its place of birth. Many gems experts are of the view that ruby prices depend on its origin. Burma ruby is considered one of the top due to its clarity, colour. Especially the pigeon blood ruby ranks the top in colour of ruby. Ruby from Mogok which is a region of Myanmar (previously known as Burma) is very popular. Gemstone dealers need permission to buy gems from Myanmar. In other countries, Mozambique, Madagascar, Afghanistan, Pakistan is also included. Ruby from Batakundi, Pakistan which is part of KPK and adjacent to Azad Kashmir has also pigeon blood colour and getting buyers attention there.


Precious gemstones colour matters a lot including ruby, emerald, and sapphires. Ruby and sapphire family is one but the colour difference keeps them on different sides. A deep and red ruby is the demand of people. Check out here the color chart of ruby in terms of A, AA, AAA grading.

GIA Scale for ruby is widely accepted in colour.


The other factor in buying ruby gemstone is its brilliance and clarity. If you want to invest in ruby, keep in mind its luster, brilliance and clarity should be on top. The more it will be brilliant and clear, the more ruby will have value. If the ruby is transparent, it will be much more valuable though transparent clear ruby is the rarest one. Clarity and brilliance come through cutting. The more cutting will be good, the more it can have brilliance and clarity.


Once you are finalized to purchase cut ruby, make sure that cutting is good. All facets are equal and properly managed. The bad cut will not recover money even if the ruby is good in brilliance and clarity

Natural vs. Artificial

In the market, synthetic rubies are available which are made in labs. Synthetic rubies though will have same formula prepared in the lab. They are usually equal to real ruby but obviously, nature has its own formula also which can be hidden from the human eye. Artificial rubies are not natural in any case. Examine carefully if you want to invest in natural ruby. Synthetic or artificial will have less value or no value at all.


Nowadays, rubies are heated to enhance their reddish colour. Heat treatment is acceptable in the market. Stone remains the natural as its crystal structure does not change. Heat treatment not only enhances the colour but also increases the clarity level. Heating at low temperature does not affect the value and quality of ruby. However, there is another process is known as " bulk discussion" by which stones are heated at extreme pressure and temperature. In this process, coloring agents are also added. This method is not acceptable. There is hardly any way to detect enhancement in ruby regarding heat except your trusting on dealer's wording. So go behind reputable vendors. Check their background before making a purchase.

People remain confused about heating of rubies. All heated rubies are natural. However, Glass-filled rubies come at the low scale of being natural in the laboratory. Glass filled rubies prices are very low. Synthetic and lab-created rubies are giving damage to the market. So be careful while choosing the ruby.

Weight in Carats

Rubies above 1.5 carats are good for an investment especially pigeon blood colour. If you want to get your money back with the return, don't go behind the pink shade. reddish pink / reddish purplish pink is good for investment. Kashmir ruby has purple, pink with main deep red colour though luster is less in Kashmir ruby. Myanmar ruby is the best in all cases.

Numerous individuals find themselves puzzled by the heating process undergone by rubies, a practice widely embraced in the market. It's important to note that all heated rubies are entirely natural. This treatment is utilized to amplify the color of the rubies. Given that only a handful of unheated rubies possess desirable color and quality, opting for a heated ruby can be a prudent choice for investment purposes.

Recommended labs for certifications

GIA, GRS, AIGS or any reputed laboratory.

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