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The individuals worldwide are always drawn to the extraordinary, top tier and unconventional aspects of life. Whether it pertains to art, automobiles, adornments, athletics, or any other pursuit. 

Beauty is found in flawlessness. The greater the uniqueness of an item, the more enduring its exclusivity is. The formation process of gemstones and minerals spans millions of years. Merely a small fraction of them undergoes cutting and polishing, and is eventually sold. While certain gemstones are abundant, others are scarce. The Earth has a variety of gemstones classified as the rarest gemstones and minerals with their scarcity gauged by the limited global deposits. The Guinness book of world record acknowledges it as the rare Earth gemstone thus augmenting its value.

Here’s a list of some exceptionally rare Earth gemstones and minerals is given below:

1. Alexandrite

Alexandrite, the member of Chrysoberyl family, is highly priced for its rarity. Its captivating feature is its ability to change color which is attributed to the presence of titanium, iron and chromium.  Alexandrite world rare stone

2. Taaffeite

The moniker,Taaffeite, honours Richard Taaffe, a gemologist of Bohemian-Irish descent who unearthed this precious gemstone in 1945. Known for its extreme rarity, collectors price taaffeite for its scarcity as only a few crystals have been unearthed.


Jadeite,a semi-transparent green stone, has been found in scarce amounts.  Jadeite carries deep cultural reverence in multiple nations, notably in China. Christie's auction house gained renown for selling a Jadeite necklace for  $10 million.

4.Red Beryl

Red Beryl is a variety of mineral Beryl. It is also called red emeralds.

Red Beryl rare gemstone

Red Beryl, referred to red emerald, belongs to the beryl family.The Ruby Violet mine located in Beaver County that is situated in Utah's Wah-Wah Mountains stands as the only recognized commercial site for beryl worldwide.

5. Black Opal

Black Opal, predominantly sourced from Australia, holds the distinction of being the nation’s official gemstone. Its scarcity bestows upon it the esteemed status of a precious mineral, garnering significant reverence. It's important to highlight that numerous Black Opals available in the market undergo dye treatments.

Black Opal rare stone


Grandidierite is distinguished as one of the most remarkable and scarce minerals ever discovered. This blue-green gemstone boasts a unique trait: pleochroism, where it emits white, blue, and green hues of light, distinguishing it from other gemstones.



Benitoite, initially discovered close to the San Benito River in California in 1907, gained fame for its vivid blue to purple coloration. Notably, it exhibits a distinct luminous blue-chalk appearance when subjected to UV light.

8. Tanzanite

Tanzanite stone

Tanzanite, originally found in Tanzania, was initially confused with sapphire until its unique features were identified by the person who found it.

Found relatively recently, Tanzanite is extracted from the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro in the north of Tanzania. Due to its scarce availability, forecasts indicate that Tanzanite deposits may run out within the next twenty to thirty years.


Poudretteite, unearthed in a quarry located in Mont Saint Hilaire, Quebec, in the 1960s, is now recognized as an exceptionally scarce gemstone.

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Jawad Hakami | Apr 25, 2024


Jawad Hakami | Apr 25, 2024

what about Lapis lazuli?

adhrita | May 28, 2023

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