Sapphire Stone September Birthstone

September Birthstone: Sapphire - A Gem of Wisdom and Elegance


Introduction of Sapphire as birthstone?

The Sapphire is also known as September’s birthstone. The main specialty of this stone is its association with royalty. Usually on 5th wedding anniversaries sapphire is considered to be an elegant gift. Today, although sapphire is not as popular as that of diamonds even though sapphires are considered highly valuable and favorable as Centre stones for wedding rings.

Sapphire Birthstone Meaning and History

Originating from the Latin word ‘sapphirus’ and the Greek word ‘sappherios,’ both conveying the essence of 'BLUE STONE,' sapphire holds dual linguistic roots. Alternatively, there exists a belief tracing its name back to the Sanskrit language, where ‘Sani Priya’ translates to ‘Dear to Saturn.’ The celestial blue hue of sapphire symbolizes the heavens.

Sapphires were worn by Greeks in their quest for guidance, while Buddhists adorned themselves with this gemstone in hopes of achieving self-realization and salvation. According to Hebrew tradition, the tablets of sapphire gemstone bear the engraving of the Ten Commandments.

In ancient Rome, kings and queens used to believe that wearing sapphires would keep them away from harm and any kind of envy. Christian kings used sapphire stones in ecclesiastical rings for their protection and safety.

Sapphire Gemstone: Global Locations of Discovery

Here are some locations:-

- Sri Lanka boasts the 182-carat Star of Bombay.

  • - Burma (Myanmar) yields its treasures in the western region of Mogok.
  • - Thailand's Chanthaburi area is renowned for its yellow sapphires.
  • - Cambodia's Pailin province, situated in the western part near the Thai border, is a notable source.
  • - Tanzania's Umba Valley is famed for its orange-red Umba sapphires.
  • - In Australia, the eastern state of Tasmania stands out, particularly for its teal and parti sapphires.
  • - Madagascar mines sapphires in both its northern and southern provinces, including the remarkable Millennium Sapphire.
  • - Kashmir is celebrated for its prized Kashmir Blue Sapphire.
  • - India's eastern state of Orissa boasts the 1404.49-carat Star of Adam.
  • - In the United States, North Carolina and Montana are notable sources.

    Classic violet blue sapphires which are also known as Kashmiri Blue Sapphires used to be found in Kashmir region of India in the late 19th and 20th century.
    Before 1990s Australia used to be prominent source of Sapphires but after 1990 in the race of Sapphire gems Madagascar took the lead.

    Sapphire Care and Cleaning

    Sapphire generally does not require much maintenance. Most often warm soapy water is good and safe.

    Moisturizers and or any kind of harsh and

    polishing reagent can be harmful as it may leave a residue behind. If in case there are some harsh spots on the stone, a toothbrush with soft bristles can be efficient in this regard. The high-quality sapphires are usually cleaned via professionals and examined at least once a year.

    In case the prongs are loosened, they can be tightened so that the sapphire remains safe. In case the stone looks cloudy, a splash of ammonia or vodka can also be used for soap. Sapphire stones should be stored separately than the others. It is because they can easily get roughened by other stones or can easily roughen other stones in your collection.

    Healing Properties of Sapphire Stone

    Sapphires usually help you balance your feelings to get rid of stress and anxiety so that you can enjoy a healthy and peaceful life. A smooth and a kind of nourishing energy is found in Sapphires to increase your immunity so that u can fight with stress and anxiety to live a peaceful life of your own will.

    For healing properties sapphires are usually categorized as,

    1. Pink sapphires
    2. Yellow sapphire
    3. Purple sapphires
    4. Green sapphires
    5. White sapphires

    Pink sapphire is usually considered to

    lighten any kind of mental burden, depression and brings wisdom and love.

    Yellow sapphire is considered to be associated with blessings from Planet Jupiter and could be profitable in any kind of business, academic and in improving the financial status.

    Purple sapphires usually symbolize peace and calmness, and it brings peace to both your mind and soul. Wearing this sapphire, a person could feel completely relaxed and calm as it nourishes glands and empowers the veins to ensure their proper functioning in the body.

    Green sapphires are basically related to the motivation and moral support that builds up someone’s character as it empowers the act of thinking and comprises love and sympathy for others.

    White sapphires add charm to the personality, create love and peace among the relationships and make someone’s personality more attractive towards the others.

    How Sapphire Stone Get its colors? What are the other colors of sapphire stones?

    In the case of sapphire, the base mineral is Corundum. The color a sapphire gets depends on the percentage of elements such as iron (Fe), magnesium (Mg), chromium (Cr), titanium (Ti) and vanadium(V2O5).

    The characteristic blue color of sapphire is due to the presence of iron and titanium.

    • Iron gives yellow and green shades to the sapphire.
    • Vanadium gives pink color to the stone.
    • Vanadium is the main coloring agent in violet-colored sapphires.
    • Yellow, green, blue, orange and red are the most popular and naturally occurring colors in sapphires.

    Another fancy kind of sapphire is parti colored sapphire. These are basically gemstones cut in a way that they allow two or more unique colors of sapphire to become their part. These gemstones are not commonly seen in jewelry stores, rather they could be seen in those having collections of old, new, and unique gemstones.

    Sapphire Stone in Jewelry

    Sapphires are one of the most valuable and versatile gemstones used in jewelry. They are used in different kinds of jewelry such as rings, earrings and necklaces.
    In the case of rings blue sapphires, a generally considered the best choice. They are basically converted into a shape of a center stone in the ring increasing the attraction of the ring.
    Since sapphire is the symbol of fidelity and commitment, it is mostly used in engagement rings.

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