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Folkmarket Gems: A Best Place to Buy Gemstones Online

Best online gemstone store

How we can claim that Folkmarket Gems is the best place to buy gemstones online?

There are many reasons behind claiming FMGS (Folkmarketgems) as the best store, we will highlight in below.

  • We provide  % genuine gemstones
  • Our gemstones are directly from the mine especially in case of rough gemstones. There are no 2nd person involved in it.
  • We have large variety of loose gemstones, raw gems, uncut rough gemstone crystals, cabochons, tumbles, gems jewelry, beads and much more.
  • As we are getting from the mines, you are getting genuine gemstones in our gemstone shop online. Emerald raw stones is an example.
  • Our prices help you in boosting your business. As mostly we are wholesale gemstone dealer, so the more you will buy, the more price will be less (for that customers can contact us via email Whatsapp +923314758143 . 
  • We are sitting with miners and have close contact to the mine owners regarding source uncut raw gemstones. Also for loose gemstones, we either cut our own stones. 
  • If any stone is treated, it is exposed and disclosed in product description or if you are buying wholesale gemstones via email or dialogue, we provide all information before finalizing the order. 
  • An agent can support you live, will answer your quires.
  • Folkmarket often participate in gems and minerals shows where you can meet the representatives.
  • Folkmarket takes you to the tours of gemstone mines through its videos uploaded on Youtube channel occasionally.
  • We offer competitive pricing on wholesale gemstones and crystals especially in rough gemstones
  • We update our Instagram for latest products daily. You can follow us at @folkmarketgems or @gems.minerals 
  • We go to the mountains for rock hunting.
  • Folkmarket gives opportunity to write us custom gemstone demands. If you dont see your desired gemstones or mineral online, you can write us your demand online by mentioning required gemstone, quantity, quality size etc. 

Let us discuss about buying loose gemstones for sale online.

Purchasing gemstone online is a difficult task than in person.

  • But you will have one edge i.e. you have lot of varieties In front of your eyes.
  • You can make selections.
  • Whereas shop manager will not be bother about your selection. :-).
  • Especially if you are an wholesaler, you have to make lot of selection in bulk purchases.
  • Online stores with already mentioned pricing tag helps you to find out right choice for you.
  • Best thing is that your shop manager is not getting worried about it.

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