Explore List of Green Stones at Folkmarket Gems Store

Explore List of Green Stones at Folkmarket Gems Store

What is Speciality about Green Gemstones?

Green gemstones have been a royal charm for every one since ancient times. As per traditional myths and beliefs, the green stones are linked to human prosperity and joy. Wearers green jewelry, such as bracelets or rings, is believed to be positive things will come their way. Green has always been associated with kings and queens.

Natural Rich Green Tsavorite Rough for cutting

Here are some reasons that why green gemstones are often popular:- 

  • Green color is usually linked with Nature: They serve as a reminder of how wonderful nature is. Green gemstones make us feel content and at ease. They resemble small fragments of nature that we can carry along. Green color is meant to have growth and renewal while evoking feelings of feelings of harmony, balance, and vitality, making them appealing to many people. Overall, the appeal of green gemstones is multifaceted, encompassing both aesthetic and symbolic qualities that resonate with many people.
  • The Green color is associated with Versatility: Green gemstones are consisted on variety of color patterns and shades such as olivine green, light green, deep lush green, from deep rich green emerald to vibrant apple  peridot to pale jade. The range of color shades allows you versatility in gems jewelry designing.
  • Fashion Trends of Green Gems: The current market and fashion trends influence the future of particular gemstones. The green is usually part of fashionable accessories such as in clothing and jewelry. Such trends also lead people to buy green gemstones. 
  • Symbolism: Ancient People believed that green was really good for their future success and prosperity. People think that anything green is lucky and wonderful. As per traditional beliefs, green gemstones are beneficial to the soul as well. They support emotional peace and personal development. Gemstones like emerald, for example, have been historically valued for their association with these qualities, leading to their popularity.
  • Healing and Metaphysical characteristics of green gems: In some belief and myths, green gemstones are characterised by empowering healing, balance, and heart-centeredness. 

Popular Green Gemstone Shades

Here is image of popular green shades:-

Which Gemstones are Green? What Folkmarketgems offers in Green Gemstones?

Many different green gemstones are found on Earth, like emeralds, peridots, tourmaline, chrome diopside, and many more.

At FolkMarketgems, you can find many types of green stones such as precious and semi-precious, rough and cut. These stones are special. The rough ones look natural, like they were just discovered in the earth. The cut ones are shaped and polished to look shiny and beautiful. Each kind of stone is charming in its own way. People who like natural things might prefer the rough stones. Others who like shiny and fancy things might prefer the cut stones. It's great to have both options because everyone has different tastes. So, if someone wants a green stone, they can choose the one that suits them best. It's like choosing between wearing a cozy sweater or a fancy dress. FolkMarketgems has something for everyone! 

Green Precious Stones 


Emerald stones are green precious stones variety. They are special green gems loved by many.

People like them because they are bright green and shiny. Emeralds are rare and one of the three precious stones i.e. emeralds, ruby and sapphires. Emerald stones come from different places like Pakistan, including Swat and Chitral, as well as Afghanistan, Colombia, Brazil, and Zambia. 

Type of Emeralds we have with us:-

  • Loose Emerald Stones
  • Emerald Cabochons 
  • Emerald Stone Pendants
  • Raw Facet Grade Emerald for faceting / lapidary 
  • Wholesale rough emerald deals 
  • People think emeralds bring good luck and happiness. They are important in history and culture, often worn by kings, queens, and at important events.

    Explore  treasures of green emeralds awaiting your selection at FolkMarketGems. Whether you want to facet the raw emeralds or want to put the lustrous sheen of polished ones into a beautiful jewelry piece, emerald collection caters to every preference. These emeralds aren't just gemstones; they're treasures that can adorn jewelry or simply be admired for their innate beauty. 

    At Folkmarketgems, we offer emeralds in quantities also ranging from individual pieces to wholesale quantities, accommodating all needs. What sets our emeralds apart is their authenticity — they are 100% natural, without any artificial treatments. What's more, our sourcing process ensures that these gems come straight from the mines, bypassing intermediaries and ensuring fair pricing. When you purchase from us, you're acquiring emeralds at prices nearly equivalent to those at the mines themselves. 

    The emerald is a birthstone of May.  It's a great gift for those who are born in May. The value of an emerald stone depends on its color, how clear it is, and how big it is. 

    2-Green Sapphires

    Green sapphires are a popular sapphire color and currently they are taking attention of people around the world. Australian green sapphires are one of the popular sapphire variety in green color. They are called teal sapphires also. Folkmarketgems is offering this precious stone variety in cut and rough from Australia, Sri Lanka and Africa.

    These precious stones are commonly discovered in Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Australia, Madagascar, and the renowned Yogo Mines of Montana. Green sapphire belongs to the sapphire family and comes in various shades of green, with olive being the most common. Although natural, untreated green sapphires are not widely known, they're still somewhat rare and accessible. In recent times, more people are looking for green sapphire engagement rings as an alternative to traditional diamond rings.

    Are green sapphires pricier than diamonds? No, they're actually much more affordable. Are green sapphires of good quality? Absolutely, they are durable gems available in a variety of styles, including teal, two-toned, and even color-changing options.

    At FolkMarket, we're here to assist you in selecting the perfect green sapphire, ensuring you find the ideal gemstone to suit your preferences. Sapphire is a birthstone of September. 

    2-Green Semi Precious Stones


    Peridot is a bright olivine green gemstone that many people love.

    It comes from different places around the world, including Pakistan, African countries, Myanmar and many others. Mostly peridots listed on our store are coming from the Kohistan region of Pakistan. The Pakistan peridots have recently caught the attention of people around the world due to their beautiful apple green, olivine, 7up colors and interesting inclusions such as Ludwigite. 

    Peridot has unique properties that make it special. At FolkmarketGems, we offer peridot in both cut and rough forms, in various shapes, for sellers to choose from. Whether you're looking for a loose peridot stones for making jewelry or want facet grade peridots for cutting, we have it all. 

  • Loose Peridots for jewelry designing
  • Facet Grade Rough peridot for faceting
  • Lapidary rough peridots for macking cabochons, carvings
  • Peridot Specimens for your cabinets
  • Peridot Cabochons / tumbels/ beads
  • Our peridot stones are sourced carefully and are available for purchase, ensuring that everyone can enjoy their beauty. If you're looking to add a touch of vibrant green to your collection, peridot from FolkMarketGems is a great choice.

    Peridot is a Birthstone of August. 

    4-Green Tourmaline

    Green tourmaline comes in many shades, from light to dark green. It's loved for its color and special qualities. At FolkMarketGems, we have a variety of green tourmaline stones available. Whether you prefer a lighter or darker shade, we have something for you. These stones are great for making jewelry because of their beauty and durability. Many people love wearing green tourmaline in their rings, necklaces, and earrings because it adds a touch of natural beauty to their look. 

    Natural Tourmaline for jewelry designing

    Popular colors of green tourmaline:-

    • Dark Emerald color green tourmaline
    • SeaFoam Green Color
    • Mint Green 
    • Apple Green 
    • Bi colors in Green Color 
    • Green watermelon tourmalines

    Tourmaline is available with us in following forms:-

  • Facet grade rough tourmaline
  • Raw tourmaline green stones for lapidary work
  • Tourmaline rough chunks for wirewrapping 
  • Loose Tourmaline for making jewelry / pendants 
  • Tourmaline Cabochons / tumbles / beads
  • Tourmaline Rose Cut Stones
  • Watermelon Tourmaline Slices
  • Tourmaline Crystals for Collectors 
  • Tourmaline Specimens
  • Tourmaline Pendants with silver sterling hooks
  • Tourmaline Jewelry 
  • Green tourmaline is popular because it's versatile and looks great with different styles. Whether you're dressing up for a special occasion or keeping it casual, green tourmaline jewelry can compliment any outfit. If you're looking for a beautiful and versatile gemstone, green tourmaline from FolkMarketGems is a great choice.

    5-Green Garnets

    Two unique green gemstones are tsavorite garnet

    and demantoid garnet. Like other expensive stones, they are scarce and valuable. Green garnets are found in Pakistan's Baluchistan and Kohistan, where they take the form of Demantoid garnets. Africa is the source of favourite green garnets. Through geological processes, they are formed. Demontoid Garnets are coming from same mine of peridots in Pakistan i.e. Kohistan Valley. The Kohistan Demantoid garnets have usually horsetails also. 

    We have an excellent selection of green garnets at FolkMarketGems. We have garnets in a variety of forms and sizes, whether you prefer Tsavorite or Demantoid. Our green garnets are meticulously sourced and of superior grade. The finest option for you if you're searching for a distinctive and exquisite gemstone is our selection of green garnets at FolkMarketGems.

    Garnet is the birthstone of January. 

    6-Prasiolite (Green Amethyst)

    Prasiolite is a special gemstone. We have both cut and rough Prasiolite stones available. They come from Brazil, known for their quality. Our collection includes excellent facet rough parcels, perfect for crafting beautiful gems.

    Type of Prasiolite we offer

    Prasiolite stones
  • Facet Grade rough prasiolite for faceting in small and big parcels
  • Wholesale rough prasiolite parcels with discounts
  • Loose Prasiolite stones for jewelry making
  • At FolkMarketGems, we offer a wide range of Prasiolite stones. Whether you're looking for cut stones or rough ones, we have something for you. Our Prasiolite collection is carefully selected for its quality and beauty. If you're searching for a unique gemstone to add to your collection, our Prasiolite stones are a great choice.


    Green Idocrase stones are offered by FolkMarketGems in both cut and raw forms. We choose the finest quality with great attention for our clients. We only sell products that satisfy our strict criteria for quality and client choice thanks to our selection procedure. Compared to other merchants, we at FolkMarketGems aim to offer a better selection. Our selection of idocrase stones will satisfy your demands and exceed your expectations, regardless of your preference for cut or rough stones. 

  • Rough Idocrase for lapidary work such as making cabochons / carving / beading
  • Already cut idocrase in form of cabochons

  • Customer happiness is our top priority, and we're dedicated to providing the highest calibre items. See why FolkMarketGems is the greatest option for all of your gemstone needs by perusing our selection of idocrase stones today.


    At FolkMarketGems, we offer serpentine stones in green color, available in both rough and cut shapes. These stones originate from countries like Afghanistan, China, England, and others. Serpentine is available in many colors such as gree, greenish yellow, yellow. This stone is available in tons at very cheap price such as $3 to $10 per kg in wholesale pricing. The stone is also coming in big blocks perfect for carving. 

    Availability of Serpentine

  • Rough Serpentine available in tons 
  • Serpentine cabochons 
  • Serpentine healing products such as towers, balls etc
  • Our top priority is customer satisfaction. When you shop at our online store, our customer care team ensures a personalized experience. Once you make a purchase, we connect with you to assist in choosing the best quality stones that meet your preferences. We understand the importance of providing excellent service and high-quality products to our customers. Whether you're seeking rough or cut serpentine stones, you can trust FolkMarketGems to deliver both superior quality and exceptional customer care. Explore our collection today and experience the difference for yourself.

    9-Chrome Diopside

    The Chrome diopside gemstone has a beautiful intense green color. It is found in many places around the world such as Russia, Pakistan, Iran mainly. However, Russia is the one of the country producing the best quality chrome diopside comes.

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    Type of Chrome Diopside

  • Facet raw chrome diopside Deals
  • Lapidary raw chrome diopside
  • Chrome Diopside crystals
  • Chrome Diopside cut stones 
  • Chrome diopside specimens for your cabinet
  • At FolkMarket, we have both cut and rough diopside stones. When you visit FolkMarketGems, explore the variety of raw and cut stones. 

    Chrome Diopside is a birthstone of August Birthstone.

    10-Green Apatite

    The highest-quality Green Apatite stones are found in Russia and Madagascar. Some people believe these stones bring luck with money and sleep. Apatite is a rare type discovered in the 1990s. Its name, "apatite," comes from a Greek word meaning "deceiver" because it resembles other stones like tourmaline and beryl. We have following type of apatite with us:- 

  • Facet grade rough apatite in different colors such as green, blue, neon blue
  • Loose apatite stones in every color
  • Apatite cabochons
  • At FolkMarketGems, we cover your needs first.  Our staff will guide you in choosing your desired stones for you. We and our team is dedicated to make you ensure satisfaction with your selections. Your happiness is definitely important to us.

    11-Sphene / Titanite

    Green Sphene is coming from Fata, Pakistan and Africa. The sphene in Pakistan is of cutting grade and in form of mineral specimen both. Sphene is called titanite which display many play of colors. 

    Folkmarketgems as Online Selling Plateform for Natural Stones

    While numerous green gemstones exist, in this article, we have highlighted the most popular natural green gemstones available on FolkmarketGems which are desired by many customers. We update our inventory continuously with newly available gemstones and minerals. Explore the wide range of genuine gemstones carefully chosen keeping in mind their value and genuineness. Our collection is consisted on a diverse range of stones, catering to various preferences, demands, and styles.

    Regularly visit our platform to learn about the new arrivals in gemstones and crystals. This will make sure you never pass up the ideal addition to your gemstone collection. With our ever-expanding and adding new collection of stunning gemstones.


    FolkMarketGems provides a diverse range of green gemstones for every buyer who have any kind of requirements. From emeralds to peridot, and from tsavorite garnet to green sapphires, we offer a wide selection in gemstones for various buyers. Whether you're seeking the vivid green emeralds or apple green peridot, our gems collection has anything for everyone. We encourage the visitors to explore green gemstones at FolkMarketGems to find the perfect gemstone for your needs.

    Our gemstone expert team is here to assist you in selecting the ideal gemstone to cater your requirements. With our commitment to customer satisfaction and quality stones providing, you can trust FolkMarketGems. We will assure to provide you with beautiful green gemstones that will add value to your gems jewelry collection. 

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