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What is Zircon Gemstone? About December Birthstone Zircon Stone

Over the years, we have heard of many birthstones, and I will share the most details of one of these stones.

Introduction of Zircon Birthstone?

These stones are generally recognized as birthstones for December and come in various colors like yellow, green, red, brown, and blue. 



Zircon is derived from the Persian word Zargun, which means gold color. It is available in many colors, and blue is the most popular among these colors. It is believed that it has many metaphysical properties. It is one of the oldest minerals on earth.  

Historically, Zircon is mined in Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and Thailand. Despite its hardness of 7.5 on the Moh's scale, it is advised to be handled with care as it tends to chip and abrade quickly. 

Zircon Stone Properties / Chemical / Technical Properties of Zircon Gemstone

  • The chemical composition of Zircon is ZrSiO4;
  • its hardness is about 6-½ to 7-½ Mohs,
  • a refractive index of 1.180 - 2.024, and
  • a gravity of 3.93 - 4.74.

It has traces of uranium and thorium, which causes the breakdown of the zircon internal structure. 

Where are Zircon stones found? Give some details of 

countries and locations.

These zircon stones can be found as trace minerals in igneous rocks, such as carbonatites and kimberlites, and as a detrital in sedimentary rocks and metamorphic rocks. 

It is mined in Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Australia, India, Florida, Thailand, and Vietnam. 

How Zircon stone gets its various colors. What are trace elements that play a role in giving Zircon colors? What are the varieties of Zircon colors?

Some impurities are responsible for the color variation of these stones, which causes these stones to have a brown, blue, green, white, green, red and yellow color. 

The presence of uranium and thorium causes them to be green, and it is vital to know that this color is scarce. 

The trace amount of radioactive elements causes them to develop a red color, and most of the time, heat treatments are used. 

The natural blue zircons, which is very rare, is achieved through heat treatment, in which the brown color is heated out, causing a chemical reaction that will result in the development of the blue color. 

What are the Geological and Geographic Occurrences of Zircon?

Geologically, Zircon is found on igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks. They are also found geologically on beach sands and as accessory minerals in ore deposits associated with alkaline rocks and some rare-earth sediments. 

They are found geographically in countries like Australie, India, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and Thailand.  

Zircon price guidelines, Value of Zircon Stones 

Untreated Zircon is priced at $500 to $1500 per carat, and the heated one is priced at $100 to $600 per carat. 

Blue Zircon, White Zirconia, natural blue zircon


Adopting proper care practices is crucial to ensure zircon stones' longevity. These practices are: 

Steering clear of harsh chemicals and extreme temperatures. Remove your jewelry during activities that may subject it to physical bruises as they are prone to cracking. Clean regularly with a mild soap and a warm water solution using a soft brush to help remove and maintain its brilliance, and store separately to prevent scratches. 

Note: Clean Zircon every week and keep it separately, not with other jewelry. 

Traditional meaning and myths about Zircon Stone | Healing Properties of Zircon

It is known to be associated with all the chakras. Zircon Crystal healers use it to alleviate physical and mental ailments. Zircon has a rich history and carries diverse cultural beliefs. It symbolizes virtues like wisdom and wealth, linked to Hindu mythology, associated with Venus, and deemed protective against evil spirits. 

Zircon is believed by some to possess healing properties, promoting spiritual growth and balance. Its alternative therapies align it with specific chakras and astrological signs, suggesting positive influences on mental and physical well-being. 

Zircon Stone in Jewelry? How Zircon is used in jewelry designing. What type of jewelry is made from Zircon stones? 

Zircon is available in various colors and is a popular choice in jewelry design due to its brilliant sparkle and versatility. It is mined and valued for its genuine beauty. Commonly used in various types of jewelry, it finds its place in rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, and brooches.


Zircon is used as a center stone in rings, particularly in engagement rings. Its high refractive index and vibrant colors, such as the famous blue variety, make it an attractive alternative to other gemstones. 

In earrings, it is incorporated as studs or part of more intricate designs. The stone's versatility extends to pendants and necklaces, which can be featured as a single stone or integrated into elaborate arrangements.

Zircon's presence in bracelets adds a touch of color and sparkle to the wrist, whether in a simple design or combined with other gemstones. 

You can always go right with Zircon. 

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