What are methods of gemstone cutting or faceting stone?

Mastering the Art of Raw Gems Faceting:Tips for Beginners in Faceting Rough

What are methods of gemstone cutting or faceting stone?

We will learn how to facet gemstones, methods of facet rough, tips for faceting raw stones for beginners, and how to start to cut a stone. There are various methods of gemstone cutting. Below are the basic techniques in faceting:-

  1. Sawing is the first step in faceting; in this process, you remove any apparent flaws from the stone.
  2. Grinding - Faceters use coarse grinding wheels to shape the stone to its desired form, enabling them to remove excess materials.
  3. Pre-forming - This process requires more details and carefulness. The stones are ground closer to the desired shape, leaving small material for final cutting.
  4. Blocking - cutters cut the stones into basic geometric shapes like rectangles before the primary faceting process begins. This will help them achieve symmetry.
  5. Faceting - cutters make use of the faceting machine to achieve the precise cutting of the stones. They carefully polish and shape each gemstone to give it a brilliant look.
  6. Polishing - After carrying out the previous processes, the gemstone must undergo this process to give the stone a shiny and smooth finish.
  7. Inspection - At this stage, faceters conduct a final inspection to ensure it meets the market quality standard.

Things You'll Need For Faceting

Choosing a Cut

Cutting Hard Gems with a Faceting Machine

  1. Saw Machine for removing flaws from the raw stone
  2. Grinder
  3. Faceting machine and instructions
  4. Dop wax and stick
  5. Metal oxide
  6. Microfiber cloth
  7. Variety of laps
  8. Gemstones
  9. Cutting Soft Gems by Hand

How to do Faceting Gemstones in Detail?

Faceting gemstones is the gathering of gems rough on a dowel that fits into the quill of the faceting machine. Below are methods to facet gemstones.

1- Select Facet Grade Rough Gemstone for Cutting

For beginners, it is the best to buy less expensive raw gemstones for faceting. Because gemstones can vary in cost.

So start from less expensive stone. For example, start can be done with fluorite, beryl, tourmaline or quartz. Once you get skills on cut and shapes, then go for expensive stones like emeralds, sapphires, rubies, garnets, etc. Carefully make your selections. Choose ones that are very suitable for faceting. You can go for the common ones like diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphire.

2-Buy a Raw Gemstone or Crystal

Next step is to buy raw gemstone or crystal to start cutting. You can buy uncut stones directly from gemstone dealers. For that, Folkmarket Gems also gives you opportunity the variety of facet grade raw stones in numerous deals to buy from less expensive to expensive stones.

In any case, you need a reliable gemstone dealer for buying genuine gemstones in raw form to start faceting.

3- Choose Basic Shape in for the gemstone faceting / Decide the type of design or cut you want

Decide if you will go for a standard cut, a specific pattern, or a custom cut. It will help you determine the number and arrangements of the stones to be faceted.

4. Assemble your Faceting Equipments

You will need a faceting machine, dops, laps, and loupe. You will need them handy during the faceting process, which will help make the whale procedure very swift.

5-Hook the gem to the dop

Hook the gem with the help of a by heating a dime-sized amount of dop wax on the end of dop stick; this will allow you to hold the gemstone. Let the wax cool before starting or grinding.

6- Begin the faceting process / Preforming the Raw Stone

Begin by grinding the surface with coarse grit laps. It will help remove excess material and start shaping the facets to your desired shape. It is also called preforming the stone.

7-Switch to fine cutting

After grinding the surface, the next thing to do is switch to finer grit laps to create a smooth stone. Repeatedly shape the gemstone until you are satisfied.

8-Switch to polishing laps

Polishing lap for faceting

After shaping the facets, polish your gems with abrasive compounds like diamonds. It enhances its brilliance and gives it an excellent luster.

9-Carry out thorough inspection and cleaning

Inspect the gemstone using a bright light to ensure the facets are free from imperfections. Clean to remove any dirt from the polishing process.

10-Make your final adjustment

Carry out some final touches, if there are any, to ensure the facets meet your desired design specifications.

11-Dismantle the gem from the dop

Heat the DOP stick to loosen the gemstone. Be careful not to blow the gem with extreme heat changes.

Lastly, display your finished gemstone for people who would want it.

Tips for faceting stone for beginners

The best tip for beginners is to educate themselves thoroughly on gemstones, their properties, where they are gotten from, the best color for faceting, the cutting methods, and the source for a reliable lapidary.

Understanding gemstone properties and the cutting process for an easy journey in the faceting industry is crucial. I hope this article was helpful! Enjoy your faceting journey.


  1. Use faceting machines with great care. Save your finger tips or nails from grinding disks.
  2. Keep electric wires in safe mode
  3. Dont inhale dust from cut stones. It may be hazardous. Be sure that you have well organised vantilation. Wear masks and goggles.
  4. Some stones can be poisonous or radiated. Sure you have understanding to handle them while faceting.

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