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Interesting Facts about Peridots Gemstone | Green Peridot Stone

Learn about Green Peridot Stone

Peridot, with its stunning green hue, is a captivating gemstone cherished by those born in August, as it is their birthstone. It is a gem variety of olivine, known for its vibrant shades ranging from parrot green to yellowish-green. Peridot derives its allure from its composition, primarily consisting of forsterite, a mineral rich in the forsterite-fayalite isomorphic series.

What is Green Peridot Stone?

The term "Peridot" originates from Middle English, reflecting its historical significance. Peridot gemstones are unique in that they exclusively exhibit an olive-green hue. The richness of this color is determined by the concentration of iron within the crystal structure.

The presence of trace elements within the gemstone accounts for its diverse color spectrum, ranging from yellow to olive, and even to brownish-green or emerald green within a single peridot crystal or gemstone. Peridots predominantly form within igneous rocks, and their gem content can be inferred through mining, particularly from concentrations found in basalts and ultrabasic rocks.

Characteristics of Natural Peridot Gemstone

Name Peridot
Varieties Fayalite, Forsterite, Tephroite
Crystallography  Orthorhombic in structure, crystals are uncommon, typically appearing as striated prisms or eroded grains. They can also be found as rounded pebbles or in nodules known as bombs within volcanic regions.
R.i  1.635-1.879
Colors  Forsterite presents in shades of green and pale lemon yellow, while Fayalite manifests in hues ranging from green, yellowish, and amber brown to olive green.
Luster  Oily to vitreous
Hardness  6.5 (fayalite) to 7 (forsterite)
Fracture  Conchoidal
Specific Gravity  3.2-4.39
Birefringence   0.033-0.052
Cleavage  Imperfect to weak
Dispersion  0.020
Transparency  Transparent
Absorption Spectrum  Peridot shows a strong iron spectrum having three main bands: 
Phenomena  Chatoyancy and asterism (very rare)
Birthstone  August
Formula Mg2SiO4-Fe2SiO4. Rarely presence of Mn 
Pleochroism  apple green to yellow green.
Fayalite: greenish-yellow
Brown orange-yellow

Discovery of Peridot Stones

Peridot's earliest known discovery dates back to 1500 BC on Zabargad Island in Egypt, also known as Topazios or St. John's Island. This location was renowned for its production of high-quality peridot. Myanmar and San Carlos, Arizona in the USA are also recognized for their production of vibrant green peridots, establishing these regions as prominent hubs for peridot mining and trade.


Peridots; Gemstones in Pakistan

In recent times, Peridot stones sourced from Pakistan have garnered international attention. The nation, particularly from the Supat mine in Kohistan and the cities and valleys of Mansehra, is renowned for producing exceptionally exquisite vivid green Peridots. The color of peridot gemstones from Pakistan is strikingly vibrant, akin to the hue of emerald gemstones. The quality of Peridot gemstones from Pakistan is highly esteemed.

Other nations also contribute to the production of Peridots, including Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, Tanzania, China, Vietnam, Brazil, Norway (Söndmöre), and Italy. Additionally, peridot can be found in meteorites, such as the famed olivine-bearing pallasite from Esquel, Argentina.

Natural Peridots Gemstones


Large stones may appear blurry due to the doubling effect caused by their relatively high birefringence (0.036), while under magnification, diagnostic lily pad inclusions (flat disk-like healing planes) may be discerned.

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The peridot necklace depicted above showcases exquisite Peridots and diamonds, captured in photographs circa 1870, courtesy of Christie's. Additionally, there's the Devant corsage and earrings, reportedly part of the renowned Habsburg Peridot Parure, dating back to circa 1825, likely crafted by Austrian artisans, possibly by Kochert, also showcased by Christie’s. Notably, there's the "Green Anaconda" ring, adorned with a striking 47.66 ct carved peridot, crafted by Cartier.

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