500g Natural Pink Himalayan Salt

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This is a package of 500 grams Natural Himalayan Salt grains edible. 

STONE NAME Himalayan Pink Salt
STONE TYPE Rough crystals
DIMENSION  small size
TOTAL WEIGHT 500 grams
TOTAL PIECES  lumpsum mixed size parcel
CLARITY medium grade
COLOR Pink, red, orange, white,
ORIGIN OF STONE Kheora, Pakistan
  • 100% NATURAL HIMALAYAN PINK SALT: Our pink Himalayan salt is 100% natural. This is obtained directly from the mine. After cleaning properly without the usage of any chemical or others, this is natural and in organic form. We select salt rocks that are of the highest quality ready for adding into your meal. Our Himalayan pink salt does not contain any chemicals, bleaches, or other additives.
  • AVAILABLE IN DIFFERENT SIZES: Pink Himalayan Salt is available in various sizes size. 
  • TASTES GREAT: Our 100% pure Himalayan Pink Salt is perfect for your meal. As it is natural so it adds great flavor to your food like BBQ, salads, eggs, etc.
  • PACKAGES: We are supplying Himalayan Pink Salt in different packagings. This is an additional item on our store for your customers on their demands. 
  • HEALTH BENEFITS: Himalayan Pink salt is well known for splendid health benefits because of the minerals it contains. It reenergizes our body with minerals and trace elements vital for our health and happiness. Our Himalayan pink salt is rich in trace minerals - including Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Copper, and Iron.
  • NON-SYNTHETIC: Our Himalayan pink salt does not contain any chemicals, bleaches, or other additives.
  • DIRECTLY FROM MINE: Why you will purchase Himalayan pink salt with Folkmarket Gems? It is because we are sitting on salt mine where we extracted the salt. We just mine it and pack it. Ther is no 2nd or third party involved in it Therefore, you are buying 100% natural salt rocks with us. For wholesale deals of Himalayan Pink Salt, you can visit our website www.shfhimalayansalt.com. It is the best opportunity for our customers to buy sample salt products in our store. 
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We assure you that you will be confident about our product. you will be completely satisfied. 

Special Note: You can get an awesome discount if you are an importer, trader, dealer, or retailer in our wholesale prices at http://shfhimalayansalt.com/. The wholesale option is only for those who want to purchase in bulk, want to order containers directly from manufacturing units in Pakistan. M/S SHF is the right place for you. Just visithttp://shfhimalayansalt.com/. To order us the maximum quantity of salt please. You can also Contact Us at shfhimalayansalt@gmail.com


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More Information
SKU salt4
Gemstones Himalayan Salt
Colour Orangish Red, Orange, Off white, Pink, Peach, Pinkish Red, Red, Reddish Pink , Reddish Orange, White
Shape Raw Stone
Gems Shape Raw Stone
Treatment No -100% natural
Origin of Stone Himalayan Salt originally belongs to Kheora Pakistan. Kheora has the biggest reserves of Himalayan Pink Salt in the world.
Dimension Small mm size
Weight 500 grams
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