How to Buy on

Here is how can buy on . It is very easy and user friendly for anyone to buy. 

Type of Payments available
    1. Google Pay (Debit / Credit Card) 

    2. Apple Pay (Debit / Credit Card) 
    3. Meta Pay (Debit / Credit Card) 
    4. Shop Pay (Debit / Credit Card) 
    5. Simple Master Card / Visa Card 
    6. Choose the product you want to buy: Once you have selected the item, proceed to the checkout page.
    7. Choose your payment method: On the checkout page, select the payment method you wish to use. If you want to use Google Pay, Apple Pay, or Meta Pay, look for the icons of those payment methods on the page. You can also pay via Visa card / Master Card by separately adding card information in the card option.
    8. Add payment details: After choosing payment method, you can add credit card information in Google Pay, Apple Pay or other available. The payment details will be automatically filled in when you select the payment method.
    9. Review your order: You should make sure that the product you want to buy and the payment method you have selected are correct.
    10. Complete the purchase: After adding payment information, finally, click on the "Complete Purchase" or "Place Order" button to finalise the transaction.  You will receive a confirmation email of order after placing order.
    11. Pay Via   PayPal:-

For Manual PayPal invoice , follow following steps 

    • Send us an email with your PayPal ID: Please reach out to us via email at or and provide us with your PayPal ID. This will enable us to generate a PayPal invoice specifically for you.
    • Include order and product details: In your email, kindly include the order details and the specific product(s) you have selected for purchase from the website. This information will help us accurately manage your PayPal payment.
    • Receive PayPal invoice: Once we have received your email with the necessary information, we will promptly generate a PayPal invoice tailored to your order. This invoice will be sent directly to your PayPal ID.
    • Complete payment: Upon receiving the PayPal invoice, you can proceed with the payment by following the instructions provided in the email. Please ensure that the payment is made within the specified timeframe to avoid any delays in processing your order.