How to Buy By Using PayPal or Mast Card / Visa Card?

There are two options on our website for buying through PayPal. 

1: Express PayPal 

First anyone can buy directly from PayPal Express. Just click on PayPal logo under product page or on checkout page. Log in with PayPal account and simply pay. 

2: Other option by 2Checkout PayPal 

is to pay by 2checkout PayPal and visa / master card. The detail of this is mentioned below. 

Italian Trulli


Step 1-Add to Cart or Add to Basket

Click on Basket for adding to cart each products. You can add many products by clicking on cart under each products for buying multiple gemstones. Keep noticed that till 500 grams weight of stones, shipping will remain " $46 " USD Internationally by Fedex, DHL, UPS. You can add within same shipping charges, lot of products. 
Add to cart

Step 2-Click on View Cart or Checkout

After clicking on cart on header, you can click on " Checkout " directly or " View Cart " to see details of products in cart. 

Step 3-On Checkout Page, Complete Information

On page below, complete your details like Email, Complete Name, address (where you want to ship), Phone Number, . You can Click and Check on following two options also to save your information to be used for next time ordering and receiving updates about order through text messages . After completing form, please check on Continue Shopping 

Text me With News and Offers

Step 4-Click on " Continue Payment" for Payment Process

Step 5-Select Payment Options available and Click on "Continue  Order"

Step 6-Select Payment Method. 

 This is an important page. Those buyers who want to pay by Paypal, they will simply click on PayPal logo and login with Paypal id to pay. Those who want to use visa card or master card, they will also click on PayPal logo. On PayPal site, they will see two options. 1st log in with PayPal or pay as a guest buyer. You can choose guest buyer for paying by visa or master card.