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Beginner's Guide: How to Kickstart Your Own Gemstone Business?

How to start your own gemstone business? This is the question, the mostly people ask us often in live chats, emails, and our other social media platforms. Here, we'll share essential tips and guidelines for launching your own gemstone venture. It's simpler than what you think—just focus on key points.

When comes to Folkmarketgems store online, many people buy from us in wholesale both in raw gems and polished gemstones with the objective of reselling them. At Folkmarketgems, we have tried our best to make best deals for wholesalers and individuals who want to start their own business in the field of natural stones. The buyers often add value to these gemstones before selling them in retail or in form of jewelry after incorporating the gems into different jewelry designs.

To ensure both market rate pricing and authenticity of the stones, we dedicate ourselves to establishing direct relationships with the mine owners in order to assure ethical sourcing. This approach gives us opportunity to set a price which should be conducive to profitable resale. Our wholesale bulk gemstone options prove particularly advantageous for new entrepreneurs entering the gemstone industry, presenting them with optimal options, varieties and opportunities to launch their own ventures.

People entering the business of gems have curiosity how to effectively sell the natural gemstones and rocks they possess. Becoming a gemstone entrepreneur involves numerous considerations and steps, from sourcing quality stones to understanding market demands and building a brand. Researching gemstone types, their values, and potential suppliers is crucial and above all knowing financial and market trends. However, the important role is of the objective and desire to start you have in your mind and heart. 

Success in gemstone business requires strong desire; without it, there's nothing to gain but empty hands and shattered dreams.

What 's in your mind, holds an important significance. Are you genuinely inclined towards starting a gemstone business? What motivations drive your decision to go on this entrepreneurial journey? A strong desire will exactly be kickstarter for your gemstone business. 

Remember, objective is the key part of your journey. Objective must be clear in your mind. 

1- Setting an objective

Create a simple depiction of your thoughts

and desires on paper. Inquire after these types of questions.

  • Why do you want to launch a business?
  • Do you want to establish a recognisable gemstone or gemstone jewelry brand in the market?
  • Are you primarily motivated by financial gains?
  • Or is your drive rooted in a passion for working with exploring gemstones?
  • Do you have love for natural gems and minerals? 

Reflect on these questions and then use a pen to sketch your response. This straightforward exercise can facilitate a deeper understanding of your own motivations and desires.

2- Create a Unique Name of your Company and Get it Registered

Come up with a name that fits your business type and make sure it's officially registered with the right authorities in your area along with other documentation of taxations and licenses of trading or manufacturing. This is important for starting to responsibly source and sell gemstones. For finalising names of a business, you can use many name generator sites or softwares to create a unique name. 

3- Get Answers of Who is your target market for gemstones?

It is very very important to get maximum information about your target market. Who are buyers and in  what budget they can buy from you. What type of stones, your customers want to buy such as raw crystals or polished stones , precious or semi-precious stones?

Understanding your target market is incredibly important because your gemstone purchases will rely on it. You need to know how much profit you can make from the stones you buy.

4- How to make money from selling gemstones?

This is also important to know that how you can make money from selling gemstones? There are various type of gemstones and each will have different buyers. Here are some examples of buyers

  • Raw stones buyers: lapidary artists, faceting, collectors 
  • Raw crystals Buyers: crystal healing lovers, raw crystal jewelry makers, collectors, 
  • Polished Gemstone Buyers: Individuals looking for their birthstones, Jewelry designers to create loose gems jewelry, collectors of rare gemstones

Determining how to profit from selling gems is crucial. Are you aiming to diversify by offering various types of gemstones? Or would you prefer to specialize as a wholesale supplier of polished stones, providing bulk quantities to jewelry designers or manufacturers? 

At Folkmarketgems, we're dedicated to assisting you in stone selection. Our online representatives are readily available to grasp your goals and offer tailored suggestions whenever you need them. Frequently asked questions such as below:-

Hey there! Need help picking out stones?"
"Yeah, I'm not sure what I want."
"No worries! What are you looking to achieve?"
"I want something unique for my jewelry."
"Got it! How about this one?"
"That looks great! Thanks for the help."

5- Understanding Gemstones Types and Basic Identification

Before starting a gem business, the most important thing which mostly buyers do not go for and they have to face financial loss sometimes.

You must be aware of type of gemstones by raising following questions in your mind. Get answers of them immediately before you launch your business

  • What are types of gemstones?
  • What is the difference between raw gemstone and polished gemstones?
  • How can i identify natural gemstones?
  • Can I get certification of polished stones?
  • What are properties and characterics of genuine gemstones?
  • What are rarity and value factors of any stones?
  • what are precious. and semi-precious stones?
  • Names of gemstones and their mineral family member 

We recommend spending time with a reputable gem dealer to learn about different types of stones and their basic identification. Our team at Folkmarketgems provides online assistance for identifying basic stones. Additionally, we periodically release gemstone identification publications to help you find answers to your questions. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on these resources. Furthermore, feel free to reach out to us via email, live chat on our website, or WhatsApp with any queries. We are committed to helping you understand natural stone identifications to the best of our ability.

6- Market Research and Analysis:

Market Research: Get market research and analysis about gemstones trends especially related to your target market. What kind of market trends are popular right now in regard to gemstones and jewelry? Analyse your competitor market startegies and draw your own matching to your objective. 

Learn about Market Trends related to gemstones and jewelry

Analyzing demand trends for different gemstones: Analyse the market demand of different gemstones. Not all buyers buy all stones. There are specific market for some specific stones such as emerald ruby and sapphire buyers would like to get precious stones. Semi-precious buyers are totally different. 

Competition analysis (other gemstone businesses): Create a competitive analysis of gemstone business 

Pricing strategies: Get ideas about the pricing strategy making for gems which varies based on several factors, such as the type of gem, its quality, clarity, rarity, and the intricacy of its cut. Additionally, pricing may be influenced by geographical location and market competition.

7- Sourcing and Procurement:

Next step is to start sourcing of stones. Since you would have registered your business entity, tax and other legal documents, now you can start procuring the stones. Do market research for finding best places to buy gemstones online or offline.

Here are some tips to successful sourcing of stones:-

1- Sourcing Natural Gemstones from Folkmarketgems. What are options to buying options with Folkmarketgems?

Start searching reputable gemstone dealers as we are here at Folkmarketgems. Folkmarket helps their customers to buy 100% natural gemstones directly from the mine with many options of buying gemstones such as below:- 

i. Wholesale Bargains on Large Gem Parcels: Folkmarektgems wholesale deals on big gem parcels offer discounts up to 30% to 50%. Whether you're looking for raw stones ranging from 10 kg to hundreds of kilograms or cut stones from 100 carats to 1500 carats and beyond, these deals ensure significant cost savings ensuring you maximise your profit. For instance, if the price of one kilogram of raw ruby crystals is $550 USD, purchasing a 30 kg parcel could bring the cost down to $350 per kilogram or even lower, depending on the quantity.

ii. Daily Gemstone Offers: One can take advantage of our daily wholesale deals featuring bulk parcels in smaller quantities, offering discounts of 5 to 30%. These parcels typically range from 500 grams to one kilogram in raw stones and 20 carats to 100 carats in loose stones, making them ideal for newcomers coming into the start-up gemstone business.

iii. Small Gem Lots: One can get discounts of 2 to 10% on our small lot deals, perfect for individuals looking to work with quantities ranging from 10 carats onwards or mixed parcel deals. This allows for the exploration of multiple stones while staying within a budget.

iv. Gem Bundle Deals: Opt for our bundle deals to select multiple stones at once and receive a 10% discount or other occasional discounts announced by us.

v. Mixed Multiple Stone Lots: Explore our mixed multiple stone deals, ideal for those seeking sample purchases to familiarize themselves with different stone types or for those starting their gemstone collection on a modest budget.

vi. Custom Deals: Can't find the perfect deal on our website? One can contact Folkmarketgems, and we'll design a deal to match your budget while offering similar discount options.

2- Sourcing Authentic Gemstones

When purchasing gemstones, authenticity holds utmost significance. It's imperative to transparently declare whether a stone is natural, treated, or synthetic within your business practices. At FolkmarketGems, we prioritize sharing comprehensive information with our buyers. Every stone, whether natural or treated, is prominently displayed on our website, ensuring transparency and trust in every transaction.

3- Engagement in Negotiation

Engaging in negotiations with suppliers is essential for profitability in the gemstone business. At Folkmarketgems, we understand the importance of negotiation. Our buyers are encouraged to make offers on the deals or stones listed on our website. Simply reach out to us with your offer, and rest assured, we will give it due consideration. On each product page, just click on option " Any Question? Write us now ", Under quantity selection, there will appear a form where you can select subject " Make an offer" or ask for wholesale price like below

8- Setting Up Operations:

After procuring the stone, the next is to store the purchased products in a physcial store or a warehouse. So keep in mind following:-

  • Choose a suitable location for selling gemstone on store
  • Choose a warehouse
  • Work on Inventory management systems so you can track your stock in and out
  • Keep with you basic Equipment and tools needed for gemstone handling and processing

9-Financial Management: (What expenses are involved in running a gem sales business?)

You must be aware of financial management keeping in mind what expenses are involved in running a gem sales business?

    • Set your budget for starting investment
    • Highlight your ongoing expenses
    • Cash flow management
    • Setting prices wisely to ensure profitability
    • Tracking sales and expenses, financial reporting

10- Think out of Box

The gemstone industry is distinguished by its uniqueness and specialization. When considering advertising options for gemstone businesses, it's crucial to embrace a blend of traditional methods and innovative, unconventional approaches, especially within the domain of precious stone jewelry. However, it's imperative to recognise that the scope of the gemstone business extends far beyond mere marketing strategies.

Adding value to the industry involves prioritizing ethical sourcing, ethical selling practices, sustainability initiatives, and ensuring fair working conditions. These aspects contribute significantly to the reputation and integrity of gemstone businesses. When going on a business venture in this field, it's essential to explore a wide range of options, taking into account the ethical, environmental, and social implications of each decision.

10: Continuous Learning and Adaptation:

Even after diligently following the aforementioned steps, ongoing learning and adaptation to emerging market trends remain imperative.
    • Keeping up with industry trends and developments
    • Seeking feedback from customers and adapting accordingly
    • Investing in personal and professional development
    • Staying informed about new gemstone discoveries and technologies


Launching a business requires establishing clear objectives, registering the business entity, ethically sourcing natural stones, managing inventory, scouting suitable locations for storage, carefully selecting physical store locations, staying informed about market trends, and consistently improving knowledge of gemstones and sales techniques.

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