Wholesale Gemstone Market

How wholesale Gemstone Market Works?

What Does Mean by Wholesale Gemstones?

Before going into details of knowing about how wholesale gemstone market works?, it is important to know about what wholesale gemstones are? Wholesale gemstones are bulk quantity orders which are bought in a number of similar items instead one product. For example, one piece of emerald of 1 carat size will be different if you will buy 10 pieces of emeralds for same sizes. The more you increase the number of stones, the more price will be less. If quantity of stones will be increased more than 1 to 5 pieces, those will be called wholesale gemstone buying. 

What is Wholesale Gemstone Market and How does it work?

Lets have a look into now how wholesale gemstone market works? The wholesale gemstone market is referred to the precious or semi-precious stones business or trading in bulk quantities. Such quantity of stones are bought from , mine owners, gemstone dealers or crystal suppliers or faceted stone manufacturers.

In gemstone wholesale market, gemstones are bought and sold based on the factors such as color, quality, size, clarity, and origin. Natural gemstones are sourced from worldwide and brought at one wholesale market like Thailand or Jaipur. Those gemstones are cut into factories and polished. They are graded in bulk quantities. As the gemstones particularly loose gemstones are cut in factories in bulk, so it is beneficial for them always to sell these gemstones in bulk at minimum price. 

Benefits of Buying Gemstones from Wholesale Gemstone Dealers

Wholesaler buyers typically buy natural stones either cut or rough stones, in large quantities from mines, gemstone cutters or gemstone cutting factories, or from other gems wholesalers. Those buyers then sell these stones to retailers, manufacturers, or jewelry designers with a markup. The buyers who come on retail shops usually buy in small quantity such as one or two pieces. It is not easy for them to go to the mines for one or two pieces. It is also not easy for retail shop to go to the mines always as they focus on branding and business developments. Therefore, retailers go to the wholesale gemstone suppliers to fulfill their needs. Here are some highlighted benefits if you are going to buy from wholesale gemstone suppliers-

  • Cost Saving: The retailers will save their cost while buying from wholesale suppliers. 
  • Wide Variety: One will have wide variety of gemstones at wholesale with lowest price. 
  • Authenticity of Gemstones: The reputable wholesale suppliers source their stones directly from the mine through reliable sources. They focus strictly on authenticity of stones before selling them.
  • A Wholesale dealers will have more knowledge about the stones. They can guide you about the stone identification also. As they have experience of handling wide variety of stones of every quality, therefore they are well aware of the stone authenticity than others. 
  • Quality Assurance: wholesale dealers sell genuine gemstones and they focus on supplying quality stones. They grade the stones from poor to good quality and sell them accordingly. 
  • Business Opportunity: buying directly from wholesale gemstone suppliers will give you business opportunities also. As the wholesale price is low, so it is easy for new start ups to start their businesses. 
  • Online Wholesale Supplying: The wholesale suppliers also maintain reputation online and they make sure their presence to reach them easily. Ordering online also save your travel cost. 

The wholesale gems market is highly competitive. The prices of stones can fluctuate due to supply and demand. It is also important to be knowledgeable before buying wholesale, about the quality and authenticity of the stones.

What are Popular Wholesale Gemstone Markets?

There are several wholesale gemstone markets worldwide. Some of them, the most notable include:

  1. Pakistan Gems Market: Pakistan has world largest reserves in natural gemstones. The gemstones from Afghanistan, Iran, Tajikistan also come to Pakistan main area that is Namak Mandi Peshawar. 
  2. Bangkok, Thailand: Bangkok, Thailand is a hub for the wholesale gemstone trade in Southeast Asia. This is known for its wide variety of high-quality gemstones, including sapphires, rubies, and emeralds.
  3. Jaipur, India: Jaipur is one of the largest gemstone cutting and polishing center for colored gems in the world. 
  4. Hong Kong: Hong Kong is a popular for the wholesale gemstone trading in Asia. This is known for its high-quality jade, emeralds, sapphries, pearls, and other gems.
  5. Antwerp, Belgium: Antwerp is one of the world's largest diamond trading centers. This is major hub for the wholesale trading of colored gems.
  6. New York City, USA: New York City is also popular gems center for the wholesale gemstone business activities in the United States. This is known for its large variety of high-quality diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, other colored gems, and pearls.

    By purchasing gemstones at wholesale prices, the stone buyers can take advantage of cost savings,  better quality control, a wider selection, stronger bargaining power, and greater convenience.

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