Birthstones by Month

1kg Natural Rubies Rough - Raw Gemstones
0.22carat Yellow Sapphire | Precious Stone
40grams Petroleum Included Diamond Quartz / Herkimer Diamond
1250ct Raw Peridot Facet Rough | Peridots Rough Lot
50ct Raw Water Melon Tourmaline Slightly Polished
1kg Raw Window Quartz Crystals - Elestial quartz
1kg Fadden Quartz Crystals
1kg double Terminated Quartz Crystals
50ct 5x3m Octagon Rainbow Sapphires Calliberated Deal
1kg Raw Sapphire - Rough Sapphire Crystals
100 Grams Blue Apatite Rough - Raw Gemstones

Birthstones are gemstones that are linked or associated with the month of the person's birth in a particular month. For example, garnet is the birthstone of January. 

Birthstones are a colorful introduction to the world of gemstones. They appeal to the people and all types of gender, age, religion, or region. Birthstones have effects, attributes, and particular significance on a person's life. They carry with them secrets to each gem. There are various types of myths, folklore, and stories about birthstones. 

Each stone represents a particular month of a year. It is believed that birthstones have unique values, attributes, and significance in people's life. People would like to know what is their birthstone. Wearing birthstone in jewelry is modern society fashion also. It is hard to escape from wearing your birthstone in modern society. Learning about birthstone is also a fun and entertaining activity. 

Know about Your Birthstone and Their Meanings

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January February March April
Garnet Amethyst Aquamarine  Diamond Quartz
Blood Stone Quartz
May June July August
Emerald Pearl Ruby Peridot
Alexandrite Oynx, Turquoise Spinels
September October November December
Sapphire Tourmaline Topaz Tanzanite
Opal Citrine Lapislazulli, Turquoise, Zircon


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