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Diamond and Quartz are the birthstones of April. 

They are both white, milky sometimes, colorless and many other colours like yellow, purple, orange. Quartz is widely found around the Earth. Some varieties are rare still. Quartz has a lot of varieties and almost part of the maximum gemstone composition.
Varieties of Quartz: Simple Quartz Crystals, Diamond Quartz, Double terminated Quartz, Citrine, Amethyst, Smoky Citrine, Petroleum Included Quartz
Formation of Diamond: Diamond is made from pure carbon, the same material that can be found in the graphite of a pencil or coal.
Colours of Diamonds: Colorless, grey, shades of yellow, brown, pink, green, orange, lavender, blue, black; rarely red.
Crystallography of Diamond: Isometric; Crystals sometimes sharp octahedra, dodecahedra, and combinations with other forms.
The hardness of Diamonds: 10  Hardness of Quartz: 7
Major Sources Diamond: South Africa, India, Brazil, Venezuela, Russia, Australia, and the United States.

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