What is Rough Spinel Price per Carat?

Natural Spinel Stone Meaning - What is Rough Spinel Price Per Carat?

Natural Spinel Stone Meaning

Nat Thwe is a local trade expression, for natural occurring octahedral shaped spinel stone, in Burma. It means " Polished by the Spirits" in Burmese. Spinels stones are known to be found in the Mogok Stone Track area, Myanmar. Portuguese navigators reported about Burma spinels during early 16th century. They called the spinels "rubi-espinela". 

Rough Spinel Crystal Structure

Spinels have octahedral crystal structure, , a magnesium and aluminum oxide, that crystallizes in the cubic, or isometric, system.

Spinel Stone Meaning - Spinel Crystal Structure

The well formed crystals of spinels are collected as a mineral specimens. The large spinel crystals are cut into valuable gemstones. Spinels' small sizes are common. They have excellent quality, crystal formation in small sizes. Small sizes of crystals are even incorporated and set in the jewelry. It was when a Bangkok based gem dealer created interesting set of jewelry in total weight of 47 carats raw spinel crystals.

Rough Spinel Stone Geological Properties

Spinel gemstones are based on magnesium aluminum oxide along with other impurities that cause the presence of different colors The chromium results in orange spinels, pink spinels and red spinel. Spinel rough stones have isometric crystal systems. This gem is famous for crystal twinning. When two octahedral crystals twin together at the base. Spinel gemstones range in opacity i.e. from transparent to opaque. The luster of spinel stones can be vitreous, submetallic or dull.

Mineral Information Magnesium aluminum oxide
Chemical Composition Mg(Al2O4)
Color Orange-red
Hardness 8 (Mohs)
Specific Gravity 3.58 - 3.61
Refractive Index 1.712 - 1.736

Colors of Spinel Stones

Spinels come in various colors such as Red, pink, violet, purple, grey, black, white, orange, blue. Red spinels are famous and once they were mistaken as rubies. Rubies and spinels both glow under UV Light in same pattern. 

History of Spinel Stones

Red spinels were used to be classified as Ruby till 1783. The spinel mineral was first discovered in 1779. Though it was known for centuries prior. It is said the it was J. Demeste who recorded the spinel mineral and gave it identification. He choosed the namr from Latin word " spinella". This means " little thorn". 

Locations of the Spinel Stones

Some of the best Spinel crystals are found in Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Thailand. Other notable deposits are located in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tajikstan, Nepal, Taiwan, Madagascar, Nigeria, and Tanzania. Burma spinels or Mogok spinels are one of the best spinels. 

Traditional Spinel Stone Meaning / Myths about Spinel Gemstones

Spinels are well known by following attributes.

  • Immortal stone
  • Revitalization
  • Spiritual Evolution
  • A Stone of Hope
  • It eliminates the negative thinking
  • Full or Energy
  • Compassion and Devotion
  • A stone for joy of life

  • Spinels are popular for encouraging passion, longevity and devotion. Spinels are said to increase energy and stamina. Spinel is great for health such as for joints, bones and muscles. It increases the extra energy, endurance and strength. Specific colors of spinels help in different ways. For example blue spinel can help in headaches. Orange color of spinel help in fertility for both men and women. 

    Disclaimer: It should be kept in mind that these are traditional myths and beliefs about spinel. These are not scientifically proved. 

     What is  Cut Spinel Stone Price per carat or Rough Spinel Price Per Carat?

    Spinel Price Guide

    The price of any loose gemstones for sale or raw gemstones for sale is defined on different criteria. They especially are color, clarity, cut, carat. It is important to analyze all factors before determining the pricing of cut spinels or rough spinel price per carat. 

    Inclusion Analysis of Spinels

    Prices current as of 2021.

    Color Carat Price Per Carat (USD)
    Vivid Red - Burma 1.0 - 3.0 $1000 - $5000
    - 3.0 - 5.0 $5000 - $9000
    - 5.0+ $10,000+
    Red  1.0 - 5.0 $800 - $5000
    Jedi Pink - Burma 1.0 - 5.0 $800 - $5000
    Hot Pink 1.0 - 5.0 $500 - $3000
    Cobalt Blue - Vietnam 0.8 - 3.0 $2000 - $8000
    Grey & Lavender 1.0 - 5.0 $90 - $1000
    Fancy Colors 1.0 - 5.0 $20 - $1000


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