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We are a team of Gemmologists, enthusiastic rockhounders, Gemstone Cutters and Well known Gems & Mineral Dealer.  

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Who we are?

Folk Market Gems aims to provide a wide range of quality gemstones, crystals, rocks, mineral specimens by our well-trained gems collectors, dealers. If you are looking for loose gemstones for sale or wholesale gemstones and minerals in any form i.e. loose gemstones, gemstone rough, fine mineral specimens, emeralds, sapphires, rubies, birthstones, or gemstones for your engagement ring, Folkmarket Gems is a right place for yours. You can find here a variety of gemstones in competitive prices. 

Our gemstones are verified from different labs. We also analyze the gemstones by our trained staff and expert professionals. 

Loose Gemstones for Sale

There is an astonishing thing for buyers at Folk Market Gems. M/S SHF is involved in collecting Gemstones, crystals, minerals, and rocks first locally from Pakistan by our staff traveling inside the country and around the world. Pakistan has large reserves of natural gemstones in its land. We also collect from other countries Africa, Burma, Thailand, China, Sirilanka, Nepals, Afghanistan and many. Folk Market Gems owns the natural gemstones jewelry and Himalayan Salt Products.

Birthstones for Sale

Folkmarket Gems offers you variety of birthstones in our store. You can select your favorite gemstone matching your birthstone.

Our Team

Samina Gulzar

She has graduated gemologist and has extensive knowledge and experience about gemstones and Minerals

  • Gemstone Identification Professional
  • Gem Hunter
  • Gemstone / Mineral Lover
Rozina Gulzar

Rozina Gulzar is a hardworking gemstone purchaser and cutter. She works aggressively and look at each points of cutting

  • Creative Gem Hunter 
  • Hardworking Gem cutter
  • Good Spoken
Robina Guzar

Robina Gulzar is an experienced Export and Gems Professional. She is managing and designing business strategies. 

  • Lover of Gems Hunting
  • A Traveler
  • Expert Business Professional
Dilawer Hussain

Dilawer is also a gemstone seller and cutter. He works on gemstone cutting deeply inside. 

  • Fond of Gems Hunting
  • Active
  • Honest 

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