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Sapphire,Serpentine, Sphene

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  1. This is very nice lot of natural Multi Color of  Sapphire. There are heart shape, tear shape and oval shape stones.  These are natual stones with no treatment. They have great shining, luster and cut. 

    Weight: 13.6 Carats
    Average Weight Sizes: 1.3, 1 , 0.70 , 0.55 , 0.50 , 0.15 carats per piece
    Average Measurement: 7.93 x 6.08mm, 6.18 x 4.26mm, 5.1 x 4.7mm. 4.45 x 4.31mm, 3.99 x 2.89 mm 
    Quantity: 26 Pieces
    Colour: Blue , yellow , green 
    Material: Stone
    Treatment: some pieces are heated and some are not. There is no treatment other than heat on some pieces.

    Origion :- Madgasacar 

  2. Beautiful colours of Serpentine in one KG Tumbles. This tumble is nicely cut and polished. his price is for 1 KG Lot.

    Stone: Natural Serpentine
    Weight and Size: 2cm to 5 cm approximately
    Origin: Pakistan


    If you want to discuss with us regarding the lot, You can contact through email . 

  3. This is beautiful lot of Kashmir Sapphire cutting grade. Pieces have very nice pink / purple clour and can be cut in good stones. inclusion is expected. Total pieces are 22. The biggest piece is 20 carats and smallest is 2 carat. 

    Weight: 110 Carats
    Average Weight Sizes:  20, 18, 10,6,5,4,3,2 carat per piece.
    Quantity: 22 Pieces
    Material: Stone
    Treatment: There is no treatment done on these stones. The stones have natural colour, ready for cut. 

    Origin :- Kashmir, Pakistan 

Set Descending Direction