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  1. These are very nice axinite crystals. The axinite crystals are rare in Pakistan and hardly found. The colour of the stone is choclati with transparency. This is lot of 10 Killo Grams / 10000 Grams in Weight. There is great discount on 10 Killo. Total stock available 30 Killo. More discount will be on 30 killo order. Ordering 30 killo, please email us at 

    Weight: 10000 Grams
    Condition: Unheated / Natural
    Size: 5mm to 15 mm
    Colours: Brown
    Origin: Pakistan

  2. -8% Gemy Lustrous 48 Carats Tourmaline Gemy Lustrous 48 Carats Tourmaline

    This lot is of Mix Color Tourmaline Cut Stone.The package of tourmaline is one of top quality with less or no inclusion. There are unique pieces such as bi colour and others. The colours are bi colour, pink, green. The sizes are from 0.30 carat to 4 carats. Other sizes are 0.80, 1, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5 , 4.5 carat per piece. 

    Total Weight: 48 carats
    Colours: Pink, Yellow, green, bi colour 

  3. -10% 43 Carats 17 Pieces Rare Spessartine Garnet 43 Carats 17 Pieces Rare Spessartine Garnet

    This is beautiful lot of rare Spessartine garnet. There are total 17 pieces in this lot. Minimum size is 1.50 and maximum size is 4 carat. They have excellent colour, luster, shining, sparkling and cut. 

    Total Weight: 43.95 arats
    Total Pieces: 17
    Size: 1.50, 2.10, 2.45, 3.25, 3.50, 4 carats
    Origin: Africa
    Treatment: No

  4. Very nice offer of Natural Fadden Quartz Crystals. Very perfect for making jewelry, crystal pendants, rings.

    Total Pieces: 100 pieces
    Colours: Milky transparent, White
    Stone: Natural Fadden Quartz
    Condition: Natural
    Origin: Pakistan
    Size: 1 inch to 2.50 inch

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