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Mixed Quality Gems-S-T

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  1. Stone: High Quality Lapis Lazulli
    Origin: Jindakh
    Weight: 1KG

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  2. This is lot of Natural Topaz Gemstone Crystals. This is a natural lot of Rough Topaz Crystals from Pakistan. They are juicy, transparent and very nice for making cabs. The pieces are from 2-3 mm to 16-18 mm. 

    Total Weight: 300 Grams
    Colours: Transparent Skin Brown
    Condition: Unheated / Natural
    Origin: Pakistan

  3. This package is of natural Bi Colour Tourmaline. The tourmaline pieces have double colour i.e green and black. Some pieces are like water melon tourmaline patterns. They are cabs grade. 

    Origin:North Pakistan
    Stone: Bi Colour Tourmaline
    Size: 2mm to 15 mm

    Weight: 500 Grams 

  4. These are very nice shiny Black Tourmaline crystal lots. Some pieces are thin and some are thick. The crystals are of top quality and perfect for wirewrapping. 

    Colours: Black
    Stone: Black Tourmaline
    Size: 5mm to 35mm
    Origin: Pakistan

  5. This is natural unheated lot of Spinels Mixed Color Specimen Rough Lot . This lot has a total weight of 700 grams.Some pieces have very good colours and transparency. 

    Weight = 700 grams

    Size 3mm to 8mm

    Origin = Burma

  6. This is nice lot of rough corrundum and spinels from Hunza, Pakistan. 200 grams / 1000 cts Natural Corrundum and Spinels from Hunza . Corundum is pink under UV Light. Many Spinels are in Octahedral crystal structure form. 

    Corundum: 130 grams / 650 carats
    Spinels: 70 grams / 350 carats

  7. This package has multicolour tourmaline crystals. The weight of the lot is 637 carats. The size of the pieces is 5mm to 25mm. 

    Total Weight: 637 Carats
    Colours: Blue, Dark Pink, Indicolite 
    Condition: Unheated / Natural
    Origin: Afghanistan

  8. This is parcel of Bluish green to green tourmaline crystals. 70% crystals are loop clean. Many pieces are facet grade. Pieces are in proper termination

    Total Weight: 120carats
    Average Measurement: 5mm to 20mm
    Shapes: terminated


  9. This lot is of natural Katlang Topaz which is rare variety of topaz. There are many terminated and clear pieces in this lot. There is one big terminated piece which is clear with slight inclusions. They are unheated / un treated. This  topaz is form of an imperial topaz. Katlang topaz is famous from Katlang area of Mardan district, Pakistan. The pieces are facet grade. 

    Size: 8mm to 25mm
    Total Weight: 130 Carats
    Colours: Yellow, Imperial brown, 
    Condition: Unheated / Natural
    Origin: Mardan, Pakistan

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