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Axinite, Amzonite, Calcite, Citrin

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  1. This lot is of green amazonite. The material is from Skardu region of Pakistan. The colour of the stone is very nice. The pieces are big in weight. The price is for 8 killo of parcel. The shipping charges for 8 killo will be charged separate. 

    Colours: Green

    Stone: Amazonite



  2. These are very nice axinite crystals. The axinite crystals are rare in Pakistan and hardly found. The colour of the stone is choclati with transparency. This is lot of 10 Killo Grams / 10000 Grams in Weight. There is great discount on 10 Killo. Total stock available 30 Killo. More discount will be on 30 killo order. Ordering 30 killo, please email us at 

    Weight: 10000 Grams
    Condition: Unheated / Natural
    Size: 5mm to 15 mm
    Colours: Brown
    Origin: Pakistan

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