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Amethyst, Aquamarine, Apatite

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  1. An awesome lot of Prasiolite for faceting. This has 98% eye clean pieces, perfect for faceting and cutting. The Prasiolite is also called green amethyst widely as a trade name. The sizes of the amethyst pieces are from 1 gram to 3 gram per piece. This material has a spectacular green color and cuts amazing finished stones. The majority of the pieces will cut eye clean finished stones. This is one of top quality Green Amethyst Material. 

    Weight =450grams
    Origin= Africa

  2. This lot is of Natural Apatite Crystals 100 Grams. The crystals have blue green colour. They are transparent, non treated / unheated stones.  Total weight of the parcel is 100 grams.

    Sizes =6 mm - 15 mm
    Treatment: Not heated 100% Natural 
    Origin = Africa

  3. This is an excellent lof of Aquamarine from Skardu. The crystals are 28 pieces. There is one aqua with tourmaline specimen in the package also 

    The condition is excellent.

    Weight: 880 Grams
    Treatment: No Treatment

  4. This is quite unique variety of Apatite in different colours. However the yellow colour is more frequent that is why it is called yellow apatite. The pieces are quite gemy. The pieces of garnet are small from 3mm to 10mm. The stones are from African region. They have mostly yellow, orange and green colours in common.

    Colours: yellow, orange and green

    Stone: Apatite Origin: Africa

    Weight: 100 Grams

    Sizes: 3mm to 10mm size




  5. This package is of 500 carats Aquamarine. Approximately sizes are 3 carat to 35 carat per piece. average size is 7-10 carat.

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