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Quartz, Ruby, Rubilite

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  1. This Package is of  terminated quartz crystals. This package includes mixture of points and crystal shards. Their shapes are different with very transparency. There are various types and sizes of pieces in this lot. Very perfect for jewelry making.

    Weight:- Half Kg (500 Grams )
    Origin: Baluchistan, Pakistan
    Condition: New Rocks
    Sizes: Mixed 10mm to 30MM

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  2. This is nice lot of rough corrundum and spinels from Hunza, Pakistan. 200 grams / 1000 cts Natural Corrundum and Spinels from Hunza . Corundum is pink under UV Light. Many Spinels are in Octahedral crystal structure form. 

    Corundum: 130 grams / 650 carats
    Spinels: 70 grams / 350 carats

  3. This is a beautiful parcel of 3 Killo Fenster Quartz / Window Quartz / Skeletal Quartz from Baluchistan, Pakistan. Sizes are from 4 gram to 30 gram a piece. See blow complete detail in long description. 

  4. Big  pieces of Fdden Quartz are included in this package. Each piece has unique and very perfect natural shape. Each piece is very complete and in its fine form. 

    Weight: 1,000 Grams
    Pieces: 55
    Per Piece Weight: 143 , 17.56, 8.25, 2.16 gram

    Origin: Pakistan


  5. These are very beautiful Herkimer like Double terminated Diamond Quartz. Pieces are from 1 carat to 25 carat. They are very clear with some slight inclusion. The luster is great and very gemy. 

    Colours: white
    Size: 1 carat to 25 carats
    Origin: Baluchistan, Pakistan

  6. These are natural rose quartz cabochons. The colour of the cabs is very nice pink colour. 

    Material: Natural Rose Quartz
    Condition: Polished
    Treatment: No
    Total Pieces: 8 Numbers
    Size: 4.5 mm to 0.90  mm 
    Total Weight: 42 Carats
    Origin: North Pakistan

  7. This is 1 Killo specimen lot of unique Chlorinated Quartz with Magnetite. 

    Weight: 1000 grams
    Average Weight Sizes: 84, 63, 35, 66, 63, 114, 243, 51, 129, 62, 35, 62, 39.3, 9.7 grams per piece
    Colour: Black and White
    Material: Stone
    Treatment: There is no treatment 

    Origion :- Badakshan, Afghanistan 

  8. This package includes various types of fine mineral specimens from Afghanistan and Skardu. There are 12 specimens in this lot. Total weight of the specimens is 2.09 Killo / 2009 grams. There are indicolite unique specimen with weight of 195 grams, indicolite specimen on smoky quartz, Aquamarine on mics, Terminated Morganite, black tourmaline, green tourmaline on quartz, kunzite with smoky quartz. The specimens are in combination with different stones on each rock. 

    Minimum to Maximum Size: 1 " to 5" inch
    Weight: 2009 Grams Approximately
    Colours: Pink, Green, Yellow, Grey, 
    Stone: Kunzite, tourmaline, indicolite tourmaline, quartz, smoky quartz, green tourmaline, Morganite, 
    Condition: Natural
    Origin: Pakistan, Afghanistan

  9. Very nice offer of Natural Fadden Quartz Crystals. Very perfect for making jewelry, crystal pendants, rings.

    Total Pieces: 100 pieces
    Colours: Milky transparent, White
    Stone: Natural Fadden Quartz
    Condition: Natural
    Origin: Pakistan
    Size: 1 inch to 2.50 inch

  10. This is very nice package of big pieces Quartz crystals. The pieces are single terminated with some white spots on the main surface. Some pieces include cloreen inclusion which makes them look green. There are some pieces which are transparent like glass and very clear. They are called clear quartz. The size of the crystals is very big and nice. 

    Origin: Pakistan
    Stone: Single Terminated fadden qurartz and clear quartz crystals
    Size: 30 mm to 82 mm approximately in length

    Weight: 400 Grams 

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