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  1. -5% Beautiful Moonstone Cabochons 450 Carats 99 Pics Beautiful Moonstone Cabochons 450 Carats 99 Pics

    Beautiful Moonstones Cabochons have Great Luster and bluish fire 

    Quantity: 99 Pieces
    Colour: White With Bluish Fire
    Weight: 456 Carats
    Average Measurement: 14.02mm, 12.87mm, 11.11mm. 9.88mm, 9.03mm 
    Average Weight Sizes: 2.59 , 2 , 1.41 , 0.84 , 0.48 carats per piece
    Material: Stone
    Treatment: Natural

    Origion :- Africa

  2. This is very lovely lot of Honey Opal in various shapes. The quality of the cabochons is AAA Grade. The luster, colour and shapes are beautiful. There are almost 75 pieces in this lot. The price is wholesale on complete lot. 

    Weight: 320 Carats
    Average Weight Sizes: 11.30, 11.95 , 5.75 , 6.85 , 4 , 2.15 , 1 carats per piece

    Average Measurement: 19.45X14.87mm, 15.82X13.91mm, 13.88X12.20mm. 12.01X9.62mm, 9.23X7.67mm 

    Quantity: 75 Pieces
    Colour: Yellow
    Material: Stone
    Treatment: Natural 

    Origion : Ethiopia 

  3. This package includes various types of fine mineral specimens from Afghanistan and Skardu. There are 12 specimens in this lot. Total weight of the specimens is 2.09 Killo / 2009 grams. There are indicolite unique specimen with weight of 195 grams, indicolite specimen on smoky quartz, Aquamarine on mics, Terminated Morganite, black tourmaline, green tourmaline on quartz, kunzite with smoky quartz. The specimens are in combination with different stones on each rock. 

    Minimum to Maximum Size: 1 " to 5" inch
    Weight: 2009 Grams Approximately
    Colours: Pink, Green, Yellow, Grey, 
    Stone: Kunzite, tourmaline, indicolite tourmaline, quartz, smoky quartz, green tourmaline, Morganite, 
    Condition: Natural
    Origin: Pakistan, Afghanistan

  4. -10% Ethiopian Opal Cabochons Ethiopian Opal Cabochons

    These are Ethiopian Opals with total weight of 18 carats. They have very nice luster and great quality. Total pieces are 8. 

  5. This is Natural Oynx gemstone from the mountains of Pakistan.
    You can get 50 Oynx pieces. This price is for 50 Oynx cabs.
    Weight and Size: 2cm to 5 cm approximately
    Origin: Pakistan
    If you want to discuss with us regarding the lot, You can contact on Whatsapp / viber : +92-3204112658 or on Line / Wechat: " folkmarket " directly to discuss.

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