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Malachite, Moonstone, Morganite

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  1. This is very beautiful lot of Natural Morganite Gemstones. They have nice pink coour. There is no other treatment except heat. The colour and luster of the gemstones is great. There are different sizes and shapes in this lot. Average Sizes: 11x9.6,10.39 x 8.49, 10.8x7.9, 11.6x9, 12 x 7.99, 9.5 x 6.8, 9.9 x 6,12.3x7.7, 9.2x6.7, 8.5*7.1 mm The average weight is 0.50 carat to 4 carat per piece. 

    Total Weight: 100  carats

    Color:  Pink And Peach 

  2. This lot is of 500g Malachite cabochons. The cabochons are in various sizes from 15mm to 45mm. There are many good and beautiful patterns on the cabochons. The shapes are various such as round, square, rectangle. 

    Weight =2500 carats
    Size= 15mm to 45mm
    Total Pieces= 120-150 approximately
    Origin= Africa

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