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  1. This is very beautiful Lot. This is good quality and 100% Natural Gemstone

    Colours: Brown
    Stone: Garnet

    Origin: Bajaur agency, Fata, Pakistan

    Weight: 241.30 Gram / 0.53 pound

    Sizes: 42.24mm to 7.64mm

  2. This is very nice Indicolite tourmaline crystal bunch on Feldspar. The colour is very nice. There are a lot of indicolite crystals on this specimen. 

    Minimum to Maximum Size: 3 x 2.5 x 2.5 
    Weight: 195 Grams Approximately 
    Colours: blue, white
    Stone: Tourmaline, Feldspar
    Condition: Natural
    Origin: Afghanistan

  3. This is 998 gram package of natural Florite crystals Gemstones. The crystal formation of fluorite is very nice and aesthetic. The pieces are in good size. Minimum size is 35.84 and maximum is 60 mm. 

    Weight: 998 Grams
    Pieces: 18 Pcs
    Size: 35.84 mm to 60mm 
    Origin:Shiger Valley, Skardu, Pakistan
    Treatment: No Treatment

  4. This is very beautiful natural amethyst crystal. The crystal formation is very very nice. There is agate slice at the bottom of the specimen which is increasing the beauty of the specimen. 

    Size:5.9 inches
    Weight: 412 grams
    Condition: Natural and fine shape

  5. A very nice shiny indicolite crystal on mica. This is very nice small specimen. There are two fine crystals on front and back with other small. 

    Minimum to Maximum Size: 1 x 1.5 inches
    Weight: 22.3 Grams Approximately
    Colours: blue, white
    Stone: Tourmaline, Feldspar
    Condition: Natural
    Origin: Afghanistan

  6. New Aesthetic Chlorinated Quartz with Magnetite Aesthetic Chlorinated Quartz with Magnetite

    This is 1 Killo specimen lot of unique Chlorinated Quartz with Magnetite. 

    Weight: 1000 grams
    Average Weight Sizes: 84, 63, 35, 66, 63, 114, 243, 51, 129, 62, 35, 62, 39.3, 9.7 grams per piece
    Colour: Black and White
    Material: Stone
    Treatment: There is no treatment 

    Origion :- Badakshan, Afghanistan 

  7. These are 3 Amazing Lustrous Epidot Crystal Specimens. Total weight of the specimens is 16.23 grams /81.1 carats. 

    Total Weight: 16.23 grams / 81.1 carats
    Sizes: 13 x 24 mm, 13 x 40 mm, 14 x 34 mm
    Condition: Unheated / Natural
    Origin: Skardu, Baluchistan-  Pakistan 

  8. This package  of fine mineral specimens from Afghanistan and Skardu. There are 19 specimens in this lot. The specimens are in combination with  Crystal Specimens with mica and Feldspar

    Minimum to Maximum Size: 1 " to 3" inch Approximately 

    Colours: Light Blue
    Stone: Aquamrine
    Condition: Natural
    Origin: Pakistan, Afghanistan

  9. This package includes various types of fine mineral specimens from Afghanistan and Skardu. There are 12 specimens in this lot. Total weight of the specimens is 2.09 Killo / 2009 grams. There are indicolite unique specimen with weight of 195 grams, indicolite specimen on smoky quartz, Aquamarine on mics, Terminated Morganite, black tourmaline, green tourmaline on quartz, kunzite with smoky quartz. The specimens are in combination with different stones on each rock. 

    Minimum to Maximum Size: 1 " to 5" inch
    Weight: 2009 Grams Approximately
    Colours: Pink, Green, Yellow, Grey, 
    Stone: Kunzite, tourmaline, indicolite tourmaline, quartz, smoky quartz, green tourmaline, Morganite, 
    Condition: Natural
    Origin: Pakistan, Afghanistan

  10. These are very nice Brucite pieces 104 grams 

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