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  1. This is 58 carat lot of cut Aquamarine . The pieces have very nice clarity, luster and colour. This is natural lot with no treatment. Clarity level is VS to VVS. The cutting of the stone is very good. Sizes are from 0.50 carat to 3 carat per piece. 

    Colours: Sky Blue 

    Stone: Aquamarine

    Weight: 58 Carat



  2. This is very beautiful parcel of mixed gemstones. One can enjoy different varieties in one parcel. 

    Total Weight: 100 carats
    Average Weight: under 1 carat to 6 carats 
    Approximate Quantity: 49 pieces
    Gemstones: Amitrine, Aquamarine, Smoky Quartz, Peridot, Citrin, Amethyst, Tourmaline
    Shapes: Pear, Cushion,Emerald Cut, Oval, Round, Heart Shape


  3. This is very beautiful lot of Natural Aquamarine Gemstones. They have nice blue and bluish green colour. The colour and luster of the gemstones is great. There are different sizes and shapes in this lot. Average Sizes: 11x9.6,10.39 x 8.49, 10.8x7.9, 11.6x9, 12 x 7.99, 9.5 x 6.8, 9.9 x 6,12.3x7.7, 9.2x6.7, 8.5*7.1 mm The average weight is 0.60 carat to 5 carat per piece. 

    Total Weight: 50 carats

    Color:  Blue and bluish green

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