It has been noticed previously that the world largest diamond " 'Lesedi La Rona,'  will be cut for finding a new buyer after failed auction. Its size is like small tennis ball.

 The world largest diamond

 Too big to sell? A model poses with an uncut 1,109-carat rough diamond named 'Lesedi La Rona', which failed to sell at auction in June 2016 

The experts suggest to Canad's Lucara Diamond Corp to carve that unique gem so they can find serious buyer. Remember that it has failed to get demanded price in Sotheby's auction.

Bidding went on for $61 million- short of the $70 million reserve in June, 2016.

Kieron Hodgson said who is Panmure Gordon Mining Analyst, 'When is a diamond too big? I think we have found that when you go above 1,000 carats, it is too big - certainly from the aspect of analyzing the stones with the technology available,'

The change in prices is also because the gems industry is quite bit different from the period 20 - 30 years it used to be. In gemstone industry, it is not sure that rough will get what value after cutting. How much yield, it would be able to get out of rough gem. Investing in unknown features is considered at risk. However cut gem has a bit value in finishing form.

Another problem is that only a few community can work on "'Lesedi La Rona".

Cullinan Diamond is one of the largest ever extracted from the earth which size was 3016.75 carats. It was mined in South Africa in 1905. The Cullinan was carved and cut into 9 separate diamonds. They are now fixed in Crown Jewels of the UK.

Source of the news: Daily Mail, Uk