Natural Green Emerald is widely known as precious gemstone having unique green colour. It is one of the variety of Beryl family. Beryl Formula is (Be3Al2(SiO3)6). The emerald green gem colour is due to the presence of chromium and Vanadium. 

About Swat Natural Dark Green Emerald Specimen

Natural Green Emerald of Swat is very unique due to its lustrous dark green colour. Usually, Columbian or other Emerald materials have to be treated during cuttng. This is not in case of Swat Emeralds. Because Swat rough emerald gemstones have vivid dark green colour. It does not need treatment during cutting.

Natural Swat Emerald technical inforamtion:-

S.G of Swat Emeralds 2.75 to 2.78
Bi Refrangent  0.007
Rock Types Metamorphic
Occurrence talc-quartz-carbonate enclosed in ultramtics

Here is  a small sample of natural emerald rough specimen. The mother rock is waxy soap stone.

Shangle natural emerald rough
Interesting thing is that locals did not know about mother rock and were pressing it hard as it was like wax, a very soft rock.
This specimen is from Shangla mine of Swat region. Earlier, The Shangla was part of The Swat district. But now a days, it is a separate district legally although adjacent to the same area of Swat and in same geological zone.
 Shangla District

Some views of Shangla and Shangla Emeralds Stone mines

 emerald gemstone images yellow green emerald
Shangla Swat emerald green
Shangla emerald green gemstone mine

Shangla Emerald Green Gemstone Mine

Shangla Natural Emerald Stone Mine Visit

Shangla Natural Emerald Stone Mine Visit

Shangla Natural Emerald Stone Mine Visit

Shangla Natural Emerald Stone Mine Visit

Emeralds rocks found in same adjacent areas of Swat have calcite or marble as mother rock.
Rough Emerald Rock with Calcite Mingora Swat mine 
 Dark Emerald Green Gem with Calcite from Mingora, Swat
Whereas, natural emerald stones in same area of shangla adjacent to Swat District has soap stone as a mother rock. In Shangla area, Emerald rocks are formed with water naturally. Whch increases the luster, colour and environmental pressure enough to make the stone hard. This area needs geological exploration because it has very interesting mineral formations.